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Aimblox Codes Wiki 2024 (May)

Here is our complete collection of active and working Roblox Aimblox codes. Obtain free in-game Cash to boost your account with!

If you are into FPS games and a Roblox fan, then you will absolutely love Aimblox. Aimblox is a Roblox minigame in which players enter a battlefield and fight each other using different weapons. 

It is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game which is a genre that is loved by the whole gaming community. It allows you to improve your FPS skills and make your aim more precise. 

Play against other users and show off your skills. Get kills and win matches to earn XP. More XP enables you to level up and reach higher ranks. While this game may seem like any other FPS shooter in Roblox, Aimblox is actually quite unique as it is developed by Aim Lab itself.

Aim Lab is an FPS trainer game that has multiple sets of routines that improve a player’s aim. So, the main purpose of Aimblox was to provide Roblox players a source of aim training while enjoying a full-on FPS shooter experience. 

Furthermore, Aimblox has over 70 different weapons, with new weapons being released every month along with 20 different maps. It also allows you to select the type of match. Whether you want to play in teams of 2, 4, or free for all, it’s all up to you. You can even unlock new weapons and get more money by using redeemable Aimblox codes. 

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All Aimblox codes list

Updated September 17, 2023
Checked for new codes

Active Aimblox codes:

These are currently all of the active and working Aimblox codes.

  • LIKES400K—Redeem for $1,000 Cash (New)
  • likes375k—Redeem for free cash (New)
  • 1millfaves—Redeem for $2,000 cash and a new skin
  • LIKES325K—Redeem for free cash
  • Pumpkin Smash!—Redeem to complete 15 rounds and get the Pumpkin Gun
  • SORRY—Free $1k Cash
  • LIKES300K—Free $1k Cash
  • LIKES277K—Free $1k Cash
  • 100MIL—Free $1k Cash
  • LIKES250K—Free $1k Cash
  • LIKES230K—Free $1k Cash
  • LIKES215K—Free $1k Cash
  • NEWPLAYER—Free $500 Cash
  • LIKES200k—Free $1k Cash
  • Likes180k—Free $1k Cash
  • AimbloxEaster—Free Bunny Ears Tech Sight attachment
  • AimbloxTweets—Free $1k Cash
  • Likes165k—Free $1k Cash
  • LIKES150K—Free $150 Cash
  • LIKES140K—Free $500 Cash
  • LIKES130K—Free $250 Cash
  • aimissue—Free $250 Cash
  • joemama—Free $100 Cash
  • kreekcraft—Free $300 Cash
  • Imposter—Free $300 Cash
  • SHINOBI—Free $50 Cash
  • PLAYBETA—Free $50 Cash
  • Gun—Free $100 Cash
  • Likes120k—Free $150 Cash
  • Likes110k—Free $150 Cash
  • LIKES100K—Free $500 Cash
  • LIKES90K—Free $300 Cash
  • LIKES80K—Free $150 Cash
  • LIKES70K—Free $100 Cash
  • LIKES60K—Free $100 Cash
  • LIKES50K—Free $100 Cash
  • Likes40k—Free $100 Cash
  • LIKES30K—Free $100 Cash
  • LIKES25K—Free $100 Cash

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Expired codes:

  • Thankfully, no codes have expired yet.

What are Aimblox Codes?

Aimblox has provided players with redeemable in-game codes, which entitle you to get free cash, new weapons, cosmetics, and the list goes on. These items can help you get better at the game and generally enhance your aim in FPS games.

How to Redeem Aimblox Codes?

Here are the simple steps to redeem Aimblox codes:

  • Launch the Aimblox game and navigate to the Twitter logo button on the left of the screen.
  • Tap on the Twitter logo, and a pop-up window will show up, type in your code. 
  • Click on “Redeem” to claim the items.

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