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Aurora Door Codes List: Subnautica Guide

The Aurora has a lot of hidden treasures and goodies that you can find in Subnautica, but you need codes to unlock doors on the ship. Here is the complete Aurora door codes list.

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Aurora Door Codes List: Subnautica Guide

Subnautica is an underwater exploration game like no other. You get to explore the deepest corners of the oceans and find a large number of goodies to take back and use. In Subnautica, the first important thing you notice is the Aurora. The Aurora is a big downed spaceship that has crash-landed in the ocean. 

At first, you are not able to explore the Aurora or get inside since the game locks you out of it. But after a few in-game days, the engine explodes, making the Aurora accessible for the players. Inside the Aurora, you will find different doors that are locked, and you need codes to open them. This article is going to give you the complete list of Aurora Door Codes. 

The Aurora is full of important loot that you can find and use. But to get to these items, you first have to unlock all the doors on the Aurora. These doors are unlocked by using codes that this guide will provide you. So, all you have to do is enter them. 

How To Get Inside The Aurora in Subnautica? 

Aurora Door Codes List: Subnautica Guide

Before you find the doors and unlock them, there is one crucial question that you have to answer. How do you get inside The Aurora? At the start, you won’t be able to enter the ship. You will only get the chance once the engine of the ship explodes. After that, you can get aboard the Aurora. 

Equipment needed to board The Aurora In Subnautica.

Getting inside The Aurora might seem like a simple thing to do, but you need a list of things that you will need to accomplish that. 

  • Radiation Suit: You need the Radiation suit to explore the Aurora since there is a heavy amount of Radiation being emitted from the ship
  • Laser Cutter: The Laser Cutter is another essential item since you will need it to open the sealed doors inside the ship.
  • Propulsion/ Repulsion Cannon: These cannons are used to clear the Aurora of any debris, which allows you to move without any obstacles. Also, you can take out any enemies or crawlers that you might find inside with these. 
  • Repair Tool: The Aurora is a ship that crash-landed in the ocean, which means there is plenty of broken stuff in there. The repair tool will allow you to fix most of it and, most importantly, the Drive Room.
  • A Seaglide: You will find that some of the sections inside The Aurora have been submerged. You will need a seaglide to navigate those sections of the ship. 
Aurora Door Codes List: Subnautica Guide

Aurora Doors Codes List

Now that you are completely prepared to enter and explore The Aurora, you need the codes to unlock all the doors. Sure enough, you can find these codes throughout the game, but in case you are not ready to wait for that long, this list is for you. 

To enter a code, you just have to select the code screen next to the door and the digits in the exact order. The door will open itself once you have entered the entire code. 

Here are all the codes that you will need: 

  1. Robotics Bay: 6666
  2. Lab Access: 6483
  3. Cargo Bay: 1454
  4. Captain’s Quarters: 2679
  5. Cabin No. 1: 1869
Aurora Door Codes List: Subnautica Guide

This is the complete list of codes that you need to fully explore The Aurora without waiting to find out the codes manually. We hope that this guide helped you traverse and explore the giant spaceship with ease. 

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Subnautica is available to play on PC via Steam.