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The Best Bloxburg House Ideas

Build 10k or 20k Modern Houses at low prices, or choose Grand Hillside Mansion, Blush Modern Mansion, or Botanical Family Home from the Best Bloxburg House Ideas.

Bloxburg is an excellent open-world life-simulation game in Roblox that allows you to build houses customized to your liking. It is a fun game to interact with your friends and design houses of your choice.

The options for creating new 1-story, 2-story, and 3-story houses in Bloxburg are endless and you can always get creative with some best Bloxburg house ideas like,

  • Colonial House
  • 10K Cheap Modern House
  • Botanical Family House
Best Bloxburg House Ideas

However, it may get boring when you cannot think of new designs for your houses in Bloxburg.

Let us tell you a few gorgeous Bloxburg house ideas, so you enjoy every moment of the game!

Bloxburg 10K Cheap Modern House

The Bloxburg 10K Cheap Modern House is an amazing choice if you want a modern house without spending a lot. You can create this single-story house with a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen for only 10k. It is one of the most demanded houses in Bloxburg to have a nice time with your small family in the living room. The best part is that you do not have to purchase a game pass for this home by Ethrielle.

Bloxburg Blush Modern Mansion

Pink is considered a color of choice among girls, and the BLUSH MODERN MANSION is quite popular in Bloxburg town. It is beautifully constructed by Frenchxrses, with multiple windows and sharp lines to make it classy.

You get four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a dining area, kitchen, office, laundry, and storage areas in the mansion. While it is named “Pink Blush Modern Mansion,” you can change the color to your preference.

Though, it might be a little expensive for some at 189k.

Bloxburg Botanical Family Home

The spectacular botanical family home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms costs only 120k for this lavish structure. It has a beautiful botanical garden inside besides a small living room, office, dining area, laundry room, garden, and four spacious bedrooms.

This house can be a perfect choice if you relish green, floral vibes.

Bloxburg One-Story Family House

You can find various family houses and mansions in the game. Yet, the one-story family mansion is among the best Bloxburg house ideas for small families at affordable costs.

This house created by the YouTuber Faulty is slightly more expensive than the 10k mansion and stands at 20k. The unique rectangular design catches the attention immediately and gives quite a lot of space. You get a hallway leading to a big room, living room, kitchen, and backyard.

Bloxburg Mid-century Modern House

If you do not think any of the above-mentioned houses and mansions are the best Bloxburg house idea, we have a few more options for you, such as the mid-century modern house. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and goes for 53k. This house is a steal if you are looking for a luxurious home of a unique built.

Bloxburg Colonial House

Did anyone say that you cannot build cool houses without a game pass?

The Bloxburg Colonial House makes its way to the list of best Bloxburg house ideas because of its space without requiring a game pass. It has four bedrooms which you may share with other players. It also comprises a dining room, laundry, garage, and hall. It is stated to be around 65k as of now.

Bloxburg Grand Hillside Mansion

The next one on the list is the Grand Hillside Mansion, valued at 182k. It comprises four bedrooms, a dining area, kitchen, office, laundry room, parlor, and four cave-like spaces. This mansion is among the most sought-after houses in Bloxburg. The waterfalls add a royal feel to the overall look of the mansion.

All the other players will want your house once you build it!

Bloxburg Lakeside Cherry Blossom Mansion

If you liked the idea of a waterfall around the house, you would not take a moment to select the Lakeside Cherry Blossom Mansion in Bloxburg.

It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a gazebo, and a waterfall with flora surrounding your magnificent mansion. The house is huge, and you will need to walk around a bit to go to another room.

We are sure you will love this!


Bloxburg set up in the Bloxburg town is an interesting game that enables you to build houses and mansions of your choice. You can enjoy this game with your friends and family on the same server. While the game is exciting and fun, the lack of ideas for mansions and homes might make it boring.

This list of best Bloxburg house ideas will help you create new structures whenever you want!

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