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Deliveryman Simulator Codes Wiki 2024 (May)

Here is our complete collection of active and working Roblox Deliveryman Simulator codes. Obtain free in-game Spins, Tokens, Training, Energy, and Lucky Boosts!

Deliveryman Simulator Codes

Are you ready to deliver some packages? Well, you better be, because you are going to deliver a lot of them in Deliveryman Simulator. And let us warn you some of these packages can be really heavy.

With that said, the main objective of the game is to deliver packages. Once you deliver a package, you will be rewarded with energy. You can then use this energy to train and make yourself stronger. The stronger you get in-game the more packages you will be able to deliver.

The game features a plethora of different stages for players to explore. However, the further you progress in the game the harder it gets for you to move a package. With that said, you can always get your hands on a few decent pets. Pets in this game provide you with energy multipliers depending on their rarity.

However, if you think these multipliers are not good enough, you can merge your pets together to farm a shiny. Shiny pets tend to have one of the highest multipliers in-game but the process to make them can be a little hectic.

Having said that, we know how hard it can be for a new player to get stronger in Delivery Man Simulator. Therefore, we have listed down all these Delivery Simulator codes to provide you with a little boost. 

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Deliveryman Simulator codes

Active codes:

This is a complete list of Deliveryman Simulator codes.

  • master – Redeem the code and receive a free reward
  • lucky—Redeem this code and receive 100 Tokens, Super Lucky, and Ultra Lucky Boosts
  • thanks100k—Redeem this code and receive 10 Spins, 2x Super Lucky, and Ultra Lucky Boosts
  • mega—Redeem this code and receive 5 Free Spins
  • legend—Redeem this code and receive a Spin, 2x Energy, Strength, and Training Speed Boost
  • wheel—Redeem this code and receive 3 Free Spins
  • release—Redeem this code and receive a 2x Energy Boost
  • newgame—Redeem this code and receive a 2x Training Speed Boost
  • energy—Redeem this code and receive 250 Energy

Expired codes:

  • There are no expired codes yet.

What Are Deliveryman Simulator Codes?

By using Deliveryman Simulator codes you can get your hand on free in-game items. Depending on the code you used you can get Energy, Boosts, and Spins.

How to Redeem Deliveryman Simulator Codes?

To redeem your Deliveryman Simulator codes follow the below-mentioned steps:

Deliveryman Simulator Codes
  • On your game’s main menu click on the Blue Bird icon.
  • Now copy the code inside the code text box.
  • Lastly, press Redeem to get your rewards.

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