How to Download & Play Dislyte on PC (October 2021)

This is our guide on how to download & play Dislyte on PC. The game is currently only available to download in a select few countries via a “soft launch”. As far as we’re aware, there won’t be any wipe to the game from this point on so there’s no downside to playing it now.

Follow the Official Dislyte Facebook page to know when the game is released in your country.

Do you want to get in on the action before the game is released in your country? Well, don’t worry, there is a way!

How to Download & Play Dislyte on PC

If you’re wanting to play it on your PC and phone if it’s not available in your country yet, then the best and easiest way is via the APKPure App.

The only APK file available for Dislyte as of now is an XAPK and the easiest way to install it is via APKPure. You’ll also need Nox Player, as I don’t think any other emulator works for it at present.

Step 1.) Download Nox Player.

2.) Launch “Multi-instance Manager” by pressing “CTRL + 6″ or tapping the icon on the right side.

How to Download & Play Dislyte on PC

Step 3.) Click on “Add Emulator“.

How to Download & Play Dislyte on PC

Step 4.) Pick Android 9.

How to Download & Play Dislyte on PC

Step 5.) Launch that emulator version. Make sure it’s 64bit.

How to Download & Play Dislyte on PC

Step 6.) Download the APKPure App.

How to Download & Play Dislyte on PC

Step 7.) The APKPure App requires the “Unknown Sources” setting to be enabled before it can be installed. Don’t worry, it’s 100% safe. It has some ads in it, but it’s legit.

To enable Unknown Sources:

  • From the Homescreen go to Settings >> More.
  • Go to Security >> Device administration.
  • Check “Unknown Sources”.

Step 8.) Once you’ve got APKPure up and running, open it up and search for “Dislyte” in the bar at the top.

How to Download & Play Dislyte on PC

All you need to do is click “Install” and the XAPK will be downloaded. Once it’s downloaded, you’ll have an option to install it.

That’s it, everything should be installed and ready to play!

So now that you’ve got the game, which heroes to use? Check out our Dislyte Tier List for a guide on who’s the best.

Keep in mind that this also works for almost all new games that have only been released in a limited amount of countries. The only difference is that Nox Player isn’t required for the most part, as Dislyte requires 64bit.

Should You Play on PC or Mobile?

I think the answer to this is both. Use your phone when out and in bed etc. Use an emulator when you want to grind out things so that it doesn’t kill your battery.

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