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Exclusive Egg 2 Value (Capybara Egg)

Exclusive Egg 2 Value

Exclusive Egg 2 Value

Egg Value:💎585B

What is Exclusive Egg 2?

Exclusive Egg 2 is an egg that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X and traded to other players.

How much is Exclusive Egg 2 worth?

The current Exclusive Egg 2 value is 585B diamonds.

How to get Exclusive Egg 2?

Exclusive Egg 2 can be bought from the Exclusive Shop in Pet Simulator X for Robux. It costs 2,400 for three eggs and 800 for one. It has replaced the original Exclusive Egg 1.

The egg contains the following pets:

Instead of hatching the egg, it can also be traded or sold to other players in the game.

Exclusive Pets Egg List

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