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Gang Beasts Control Guide

Gang Beasts is a silly multiplayer with tons of controls. Here’s our complete Gang Beasts control guide for the game.

Gang Beasts Control Guide

Mastering Gang Beasts is no small feat. One must know everything about its controls. Be it the very basics or something extremely complex. This guide will talk about controls for PC, Xbox, and Playstation players. So without further ado, let’s dive right into the guide.

Gang Beasts Controls For PC Players

Since Gang Beasts requires multiple keys to be pressed at the same time, it can become a bit daunting when first starting to play the game. 

In essence, the following are the controls for Gang Beast if you’re playing on a PC.

  • W, A, S, and D buttons for moving around.
  • Spacebar for jumping
  • Press and hold Spacebar while moving around to run
  • Press and hold Spacebar while staying still to sit
  • Press M for kicking 
  • Hold M to lie down
  • Press Ctrl to duck
  • Hold Ctrl to crawl
  • Hold Ctrl for headbutting
  • Press Shift to lift or taunt
  • Left-click your mouse to deliver a punch or grab with the left hand
  • Right-click your mouse to deliver a punch or grab with the right hand

There also happen to be some exclusive PC bindings:

  • Right arrow key for the next camera angle
  • Left arrow key for the previous camera angle
  • + key (can be pressed repeatedly) for speeding up the game
  • – key (can be pressed repeatedly) for slowing down the game
  • 0 for reverting to the standard speed
  • 1~2 keys for the spawn pushing or pulling force
  • 3~7 keys for spawning props
  • Press Shift or Ctrl while also pressing a number from 1~8 for spawning opponents 
  • Press F1 for toggling between day and night
Gang Beasts Control Guide

Gang Beasts Controls For Xbox Players

Playing Gang Beasts on an Xbox console is quite different from playing on a PC. Gang Beasts controls for an Xbox controller are: 

  • A for Jumping
  • Hold A while pressing a direction for running
  • Hold A while staying still for sitting
  • X for kicking
  • Hold X for lying down
  • B for ducking
  • Hold B for crawling
  • B for headbutting
  • Y for lifting and taunting
  • Press LB for punching/grabbing with the left hand
  • Press RB for punching/grabbing with the right hand

Additionally, the D-pad can be used to change the camera angles. Whereas, the button RT can be used while spectating to switch focus.

Gang Beasts Controls For PlayStation Players

Similarly, Gang Beasts controls on a Playstation controller are:

  • X for jumping
  • Hold X while moving to run
  • Hold X while staying still to sit
  • Press the Square button to kick
  • Press the Square button to lie down
  • Press the Circle button to duck
  • Hold the Circle button to crawl
  • Press the Circle button for headbutting
  • Press the Triangle button to lift or taunt
  • Press L1 for punching/grabbing with the left hand
  • Press R1 for punching//grabbing with the right hand
Gang Beasts Control Guide

How To Use Combos In Gang Beasts?

Although Gang Beasts has a lot of combos to offer, this article will only talk about the 3 most popular ones. Namely, these are Spinning Kick, Dropkicks, and Super Punch. To use Spinning Kick as your combo, the kick button needs to be held while jumping multiple times. This unleashes a handful of spinning kicks! 

As far as Dropkicks go, the player needs to run at the maximum speed, jump and then hold the kick button to charge at the opponent. Super Punches, on the other hand, are one of the most common ways to attack an opponent. They require ducking and then quickly pressing either the left or right punch.


From the different control settings on many different platforms to the best type of combos in Gang Beasts, we’ve talked about it all in this guide. That brings us to the end of this guide. Thank you for reading.

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Gang Beasts is available to play on PC via Steam.