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Gym Training Simulator Codes 2024 (May)

Here is our complete collection of active and working Gym Training Simulator codes. Get free Gems and Energy to boost your account!

Gym Training Simulator Codes

Are you ready to put in the effort and get ripped this summer? If yes, Gym Training Simulator will help you achieve your dream body while you stay in bed all day.

With that said, in Gym Training Simulator the player starts as a scrawny stick figure and the goal of the game is to make him as jack as possible. To increase their character size players will need to keep on constantly tapping to acquire energy for their character.

If you are not in the mood for constantly tapping the game features different trainers that will provide you with energy boosts. However, be careful as acquiring these trainers can be a little expensive. 

Having said that, the game also offers a ton of unique pets and locations. Each location allows you to interact with different players and NPCs. Hence, making the game feel more interactive. Lastly, the game also offers a prestige rebirth system that the player can use to level up faster.

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All in all,  Gym Training Simulator is a very fun game to play especially with your friends. However, sometimes the game can feel a little repetitive. You can deal with this repetitiveness by redeeming Gym Training Simulator codes for in-game buffs.

Gym Training Simulator Codes

Updated July 3, 2022
We added new codes and removed expired ones

This is a complete list of Gym Training Simulator codes.

Active Codes:

  • 12MVISITS—Redeem this code and receive Luck Boost
  • DigitoGTS—Redeem this code and receive Luck Boost
  • Derpy—Redeem this code and receive Gems
  • Vagner—Redeem this code and receive Gems
  • 43KLIKES—Redeem this code and receive Gems
  • 8MVISITS—Redeem this code and receive 200k Gems

Expired Codes:

These codes have now expired.

  • Digito—Redeem this code and receive a Boost and Energy
  • Derp—Redeem this code and receive 250k Energy
  • VagnerGames—Redeem this code and receive 200k Gems
  • Drydus—Redeem this code and receive 425k Gems
  • 3MVISITS—Redeem this code and receive 10k Gems
  • 13KFAVS—Redeem this code and receive 50k Energy
  • 8KLIKES—Redeem this code and receive 10k Energy
  • 350LIKES—Redeem this code and receive 50 Gems
  • Release—Redeem this code and receive 80 Energy

What are Gym Training Simulator Codes?

Gym Training Simulator Codes are a string of characters that a player can use to get in-game rewards. As of writing this post, these codes only provide players with free energy boosts.

How to Redeem Gym Training Simulator Codes

To redeem your Gym Training Simulator codes you need to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, go to the Mail icon on the left side of your in-game screen.
  • Now enter the code inside the code text box.
  • Lastly, press Redeem to confirm.
Gym Training Simulator Codes - How to Redeem

Note: Make sure that you copy the code directly into the code text box.