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Halo Infinite Last Spartan Standing Challenges Not Working Fix

Progress come to a halt despite completing the challenges? Here’s our fixes to Halo Infinite Last spartan standing challenges not working

Halo Infinite Last Spartan Standing Challenges Not Working Fix

Microsoft’s beloved first-person shooter franchise recently opted for the free-to-play route for its multiplayer mode. Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode launched a plethora of good reviews and accolades. Since then, 343 studios have been hard at work to push out new content and game modes for players to enjoy. 

The Last Spartan standing is Halo Infinite’s battle royale mode. The new mode offers players a number of challenges and intense combat set pieces. But, with every new update, some bugs and issues come along. The issue of challenges not working in Last Spartan Standing is a frustrating one. Let’s figure out the Last Spartan Challenges not working fix in Halo Infinite. 

There have been reports of players not being able to progress in the Last Spartan Standing event even after completing their challenges. 343 studios took to Twitter to announce a new update that fixed the issues. 

Last Spartan Standing In Halo Infinite: 

Battle Royale modes are now part of every popular multiplayer game. It is like a shiny new toy that everybody wants to include in their games. Then why would one of the longest-running first-person shooter franchises stay behind? Halo Infinite’s Last Spartan Standing mode launched on May 3 along with the season 2 update. 

As the name suggests, Halo Infinite’s last spartan standing is a fight for survival till the very end. There are a few challenges that you can opt to do during a match, and you can earn rewards in return. But that’s where the issue arises, as players have not been able to progress in their event despite completing challenges. 

Last Spartan Standing Challenges Not Working Issue: 

A few players reported that they weren’t able to progress further in the last spartan standing event despite completing most of the challenges. This issue proved to be quite frustrating for a players who were spending time grinding the new game mode. 

There were also reports of XP not tracking for players and loss of progress. Issues like these are a big thing, especially when they happen in fan-favourite games like Halo. So, how do you fix the last spartan standing challenges not working issue? Let us help. 

How To Fix The Last Spartan Standing Not Working Issue In Halo Infinite: 

Halo Infinite Last Spartan Standing Challenges Not Working Fix

The Halo Infinite devs were quick to jump on social media and address the issue that the fans were having. It was a frustrating one for the players as the issue was halting their progress. The Halo Support handle on Twitter tweeted out they have sent out a backend update that fixes all the bugs and issues with the last spartan standing challenges. 

To fix the issues, you just need to have your game updated to the latest version. You just have to restart your game in order to access this update. Once you have the update installed, you will notice that the issue has faded away. 

However, there is another caveat to this problem. 343 Studios has acknowledged that if you are eliminated early in a game of last spartan standing, the challenges you completed during that game will only be updated once the match has finished. So, that is something to consider while facing the issue. 

After its strong launch, Halo Infinite has faced some backlash due to its battle pass model. Issues like this only damage the reputation that the beloved franchise has built up over the years. But, it’s heartening to see the dev team’s prompt response to the issue. We can only hope that the team continues to support this fantastic game over time. 

We hope this guide helped you in fixing the last spartan standing issue in Halo Infinite. 

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Halo Infinite is available to play on PC via Steam.