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Honkai: Star Rail Arlan Guide

Here’s our Honkai: Star Rail Arlan guide!

Honkai: Star Rail Arlan Guide

Honkai: Star Rail Arlan Guide

As the head of Herta Space Station’s security department, Honkai: Star Rail’s Arlan is one of the most caring characters that you might want to consider obtaining. Arlan has no mastery in scientific research, but as the head of security, he is willing to risk his life to protect the staff who value research very much. He is used to the pain and wears his scars like badges of honor.

For a dog person, the other reason you might want to get Arlan is that he will lower down his guard and he’ll let a rare smile appear when he’s holding the dog, Peppy.

Arlan Stats

  • Rarity: ✦✦✦✦ 4 Stars
  • Elements: Lightning
  • Path: The Destruction
  • Affiliation: Herta Space Station
  • Chinese Name: 阿兰 Ālán
  • Japanese Name : アーラン Āran
  • Korean Name : 아를란 Aleullan
  • Voice Actor (EN): Dani Chambers
  • Voice Actor (JP): Shiraishi Ryoko (白石涼子)
  • Voice Actor (CN): Dian Tao (陶典)
  • Voice Actor (KR): 김율

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