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How to Find All Easter Egg Locations in Rebirth Simulator X

The Easter update has been released in Rebirth Simulator X! This event brings a brand new world and a huge amount of new pets to collect! There are also hidden eggs to find and we’ve got the locations for each one!

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Rebirth Simulator X Easter Egg Locationss

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The main reward for finding all easter Eggs is the Exclusive Egg Basket pet. You’ll also get some boosts.

The Egg Basket has a base power of 6 Billion and is quite a unique model.

How to Find All Easter Egg Locations in Rebirth Simulator X?

One of the main features of the Easter event is the Egg hunt. The goal is to find all of the hidden eggs scattered around many different worlds. The final reward is an Easter Basket pet!

Here’s a complete list of locations for each egg.

Forest Egg

This egg is in random locations within the Spawn World. If you can’t see it on the ground, jump up onto the top of the trees (easiest from the Group Chest) and it should be on one of them.

Snowman Egg

It’s a snowman’s head laying on the ground near the Winter Egg in Winter World.

Fire Egg

It’s inside the little lava lake on the right side of the Volcano World.

Atlantis Egg

It’s behind the anchor on the left side of the Atlantis World.

Money Egg

Open the shop and scroll down to the “Special” banner, then click on the egg inside it.

Diamond Egg

Go to Desert World and collect all of the diamonds on the floor in the pyramid.

Hacker Egg

Enter 834519-385-3092 as a redeem code in the Shop.

Toxic Egg

Enter the Nuclear World and collect the note on the barrel on the right side.

Once you’ve got the note, jump on the barrels at the left side of the spawn point. Jumping into the taller barrel will teleport you into a toxic cave where the egg is located.

Cave Egg

  • Go to the Beach World first and collect the note from the sand castle next to the spawn.
  • Then head to the Forest World and enter the cave near the water on the right side.
  • Once inside the cave you’ll need to do a small bit of parkour to reach the egg.

Alien Egg

If there are three alien faces under the “Alien Egg” in Egg Hunt:

  • Go to the Moon World and collect the note from the green alien on the right side.
  • Enter the portal behind the Shop in the Spawn World and collect the note on the wall.
  • Go to the Magic World and collect the note on the Pet Machine.
  • Go to the Cyber World and jump up the slightly curved pillar behind the Cyber Chest.
  • At the top, jump onto the side of the map and then jump onto the UFO. The egg is the little green alien on the second UFO.


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