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How to Find All Easter Egg Locations in Rebirth Simulator X (2023 Edition)

The Easter update has been released in Rebirth Simulator X! This event brings a brand new world and a huge amount of new pets to collect! There are also hidden eggs to find and we’ve got the locations for each one!

Rebirth Simulator X Easter Egg Locationss

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How to Find All Easter Egg Locations in Rebirth Simulator X?

One of the main features of the Easter event is the Egg hunt. The goal is to find all of the hidden eggs scattered around many different worlds.

Here’s a complete list of locations for each egg.

Forest Egg

This egg is on top of the trees within the Spawn World. Easiest way to get there is from the Group Chest.

Cloud Egg

Get on the trees via the Group chest in the Spawn. Head to the roof of the blue house. Go to the very tip of the house, over the “Tap Skins” text. There should be an invisible ladder, just continue walking up it, and do not jump.

Devil Egg

The Devil Egg is located in Space > Destruction World. It’s inside the destruction machine.

Tweet Egg

Type x9pK43aZ1 in chat.

Ghost Egg

  • 1 Ghost In Forest inside a tent.
  • 1 Ghost In Heaven World on the portal.
  • 1 Ghost In Spooky behind a gravestone.
  • 1 Ghost In Cyber World behind the cyber chest.
  • 1 Ghost In Space World behind the big rocket.

Click Egg

Click on the actual egg picture next to “Click Egg” on the Egg Hunt screen.

Tutel Egg

Tutel Egg is in Space > Alien World. Jump in the black void puddle on the right. Complete the maze. Run through the pink barrier.

Magic Egg

Magic egg has four different locations:

  • First the note in the secret area behind the blue house in Spawn World with “Tap Skins” text.
  • The 2nd is on a snowman in the Winter World.
  • The third note is in Space > Shadow World. It’s on a tree trunk.
  • The final egg is in Space > Neon, behind the “Powerful” neon pink sign.

Void Egg

This egg requires the notes to be collect for the magic egg first. There is also another note that’s needed. It’s in Atlantis World, behind the Auras.

Once you have the notes, go to the Void World. Jump on the first planet, and then jump again. You’ll be teleported. Complete the parkour.

Knowledge Egg

Collect the letters.

  • Letter E on top of fountain in Spawn World.
  • Letter I is on side of blue house in Spawn World with “Tap Skins”.
  • Letter H is in the Volcano World in the cave.
  • Letter D on the side of the aqua chest in the Aqua World.
  • Letter N is in Space > Galaxy Forest on the side of the galaxy chest.
  • Letter T is in the Magic World on the Pet Machine.
  • Letter F in the back left corner of Cave World.
  • Letter E is in the Mood World. It’s inside the volcano.
  • Letter Y is in Space > Sun World. It’s in the lava on the left side of the egg.
  • Letter K in the Easter World behind the 2nd building next to “Easter Pass”.

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