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Mini Mart Codes 2024 (July)

Here is our complete collection of active and working Roblox Mini Mart codes. Obtain free in-game Cash to boost your account with!

Mini Mart Codes

Mini Mart is a game on Roblox where you run a convenience store. You can farm your own vegetables in the game and proceed to sell them. As you earn more money, you can invest that money in your store to get things like eggs and other items.

This game is the Roblox version of being your own boss at a store. For example, if you run out of a vegetable on the shelves then you can go out to get more of it to restock them.

The trick in this game is to keep restocking your items. When people find more items in your store, then they will end up buying more items from here. This is going to bring you more money which you can use to purchase better items to keep on your shelves.

To assist you in keeping your convenience store up and running in the best way possible, you can also hire workers to help you do that. This decreases your personal workload.

Mini Mart also offers redeemable codes which the player can use to obtain special items. To redeem these Mini Mart codes keep on reading.

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Mini Mart codes

Updated July 30, 2022
Checked for new codes

Active codes:

These are currently all of the active and working Mini Mart codes.

  • like88k—Redeem this code and receive Free Cash
  • 30klike—Redeem this code and receive 2,000 Cash
  • like10k—Redeem this code and receive 2,000 Cash

Expired codes:

These codes are no longer valid.

  • 5000like—Redeem this code and receive Free Cash
  • like2000—Redeem this code and receive Free Cash
  • 500like—Redeem this code and receive Free Cash

What are Mini Mart codes?

Mini Mart codes are redeemable codes that you can use in the game to claim cash rewards. These codes will help you in making progress throughout the game.

How to redeem Mini Mart codes?

Use the following steps to redeem Mini Mart codes:

  • Open Roblox Mini Mart.
  • Go to the center of the map to find a giant gift box and interact with the gift box.
  • A new window will open where you will be able to enter the codes.
Mini Mart Codes
  • Type in the code and press Enter.
  • After pressing enter the reward will be yours for the taking.

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