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MM2 Ancient Values: Weapon Value List [May 2024]

Are you a collector of ancient weapons in MM2? If so, you’re probably looking for the current MM2 ancient values! Here’s our up-to-date MM2 ancient value list for May 2023.

MM2 Ancient Values

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July 31 2023: We revamped the MM2 Ancient value list. Check below for the changes.

MM2 Ancient Values

This is an MM2 value list for ancient weapons. We also have a dedicated MM2 value list page to browse.

ItemMM2 ValueStabilityDemandRaritySourceHow to Obtain
Nik's Scythe MM2 Value
Nik's Scythe
Unknown10/1010Gift From NikilisPlayer Trading
Harvester MM2 Value
Increasing8/103Halloween 2021 (Tier 30)Player Trading
Icepiercer MM2 Value
Increasing8/103Christmas 2022 (Tier 20)Player Trading
Swirly Axe MM2 Value
Swirly Axe
Increasing7/104Christmas 2021 (Tier 20)Player Trading
Icebreaker MM2 Value
Stable3/102Christmas 2020 (Tier 20)Player Trading
Elderwood Scythe MM2 Value
Elderwood Scythe
Stable3/102Halloween 2019 (Tier 40)Player Trading
Hallowscythe MM2 Value
Stable2/102Hallowen 2020 (Tier 30)Player Trading
Batwing MM2 Value
Stable3/101Hallowen 2018 Item PackPlayer Trading
Logchopper MM2 Value
Stable2/102Christmas 2019 (Tier 30)Player Trading
Icewing MM2 Value
Fluctuating1/101Christmas 2018 Item PackPlayer Trading

And that was our current MM2 ancient values. As the market changes, we’ll update the MM2 value list with the latest changes so you know exactly what each item is worth before you make a trade.

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