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Nuwa, a true Elder God of Huaxia, comes from the generation of Titans before the Gods filled the pantheons. She became a powerful mage of the five elements and used her power to protect humanity.

Nuwa is an extremely versatile support hero who can do everything possible. She can deal damage, she can control, she can heal, she has a variety of buffs… Even without talking about the excellent buffs, just her removal is enough to choose playing her as it guarantees playing against one less enemy and better handle the battlefield. She is the best support in the game and deserves this title. She is especially appreciated in boss fights and there is no way you can go wrong with her, just like Lucifer. Her weapon is almost outrageous as it gives her another level of utility by giving allies immunity to control and the ability to use her removal at the very beginning of the fight.


Her weapon allows her to cast her Pillars of the Sky skill at the beginning of the battle, the brown stone from her Lustrous Land skill to transfer the Energy removed from the enemy to herself, and allows allies to be immune to control for up to 10s after unleashing her ultimate. Her weapon’s stats are biased towards Magic Resist, Health and Crit while forsaking Attack.


Her kit is made of 2 passives and an active. It’s also quite widespread as it gives an enormous variety of buffs and debuffs that can help the whole team. Her first passive summons a stone that increases her stats depending on the color :

  • Up to 35% max Health, 10% Attack, 10% Dodge, 30% Defense or 10% Crit.

Her second passive increases her Attack Speed by up to 15% and switches her stones after every auto-attack, adding an effect to her auto-attack according to the color:

  • Removes 100 Energy from a target, attacks 3 enemies at the same time, stuns the target for 0.5s, recovers 10% of the weakest ally’s Health or deals 220% damage.

Her active removes a target from the battlefield for 3s and an extra effect is added depending on the color of the stone:

  • Deals up to 160% damage, deals 50% damage to nearby enemies, stuns enemies near the target for 0.75s, removal duration extended by 0.75s, or deals 50% extra damage.

Her ultimate buffs the whole team with distinct effects according to their classes for up to 10s : Increases Nuwa’s Attack Speed by 50%, recovers 6% of tanks’ max Health every second, increases physical carries’ Attack by 30%, increases magical carries’ Crit and Crit Damage by 30%, and restores supports’ Energy by 30 every second.

F2P Guide

First things first. Don’t invest too heavily in any UR hero as a F2P/Low spender. You won’t get enough copies to get you really far.

Despite that, I rate Nuwa quite highly due to the fact that she has incredibly good tools. She can remove a target from the battlefield for 3 sec, which is incredibly strong and can win you a bad fight provided you reset enough so it lands on the good target. She also has a very strong buff, depending of the class of the target receiving it.

  • Tanks will regen 6% hp/s for 10s, which is a really good heal.
  • Physical dps will get 30% additional attack, which is additive with other sources of % atk, which is good but not great.
  • Magical dps will get 30% crit chance AND 30% crit damage, which is absolutely bonkers.

Finally, her autoattacks will do different things depending of your team composition. If you have mages, several of her autoattacks will heal. If you have tanks, she will attack multiples enemies at the same time. Basically, she will make up for what the team lack (if you have a lot of tanks and supports, she will do dps, if you have dps, she will do support).

HOWEVER, Nuwa dps is possible only if you can whale her enough, which is not the case for low spenders/F2P. She may be a long term project, and you should aim for her if possible (it’s a lot better alternative than Lucifer anyway), but keep that in mind she will still be incredibly squishy (to the point of being impossible to use after a while if you don’t get additional copies) and will eat a lot of SR.


She has an excellent weapon, even for F2P, as the 2 first upgrades (you won’t be able to go all the way) are also providing 10s of CC immune to the team during the ultimate.


Her divinities aren’t really good.Transcend is good for living a bit more, especially if she has low investment (which should be the case), but the rest won’t really make a difference.


Nuwa is a true “Elder God” of the Huaxian continent. She was from the generation of titans, long before the pantheons became filled with the Gods. Like many of the titans, her legs are dragon-like, but her body is noble and beautiful. She, with her brother Fuxi, descended from the giant ancestor of the entire realm, named Pangu. She eventually became a powerful mage of the five elements. With these elements, she became an artist throughout the realm, creating mountains, valleys, lakes and even intelligent life on Earth.

What makes Nuwa different from most of the titans though was her love for humanity. The titans typically ignored humans or outright hated them. Nuwa was their protector. She even challenged some of the fiercest dragons, Draco, Genbu, and Gonggong to stop them from harassing human villages. When she defeated Gonggong, he then smashed a mountain, tearing a hole into the Void. When he did this, out rushed water, demons, and monsters into the world from the Milky Way. This began the era known as the “Great Floods.”

When the floods came, Nuwa again came to humanity’s aid. She found a magical material held by the monster Chimaera that expanded when it contacted water. She then refined it with her magic and created the “Five-Colored God Stones” to close the hole in the sky. After it was closed, she also helped to remove the floodwater and demons that remained. Later, she united humans from all over the world and casted nine fangdings (cauldrons) to memorialize their joint success. It was then that they formed the alliance known as the Guardians. All these battles wore on Nuwa’s consciousness though, and she had accumulated some dark energy, which she had to suppress within her being ever since. Hopefully, she will be able to get rid of this negative energy soon. . .


Five-Colored Stones

For 5s after releasing “Mend the Sky,” all ally Heroes will be immune to control.
Unlock when Attributes reached: 100

For 10s after releasing “Mend the Sky,” all ally Heroes will be immune to control.
Unlock when Attributes reached: 200

When the Brown stone is in effect during “Lustrous Land,” the Energy removed from the target will be transferred to Nuwa.
Unlock when Aftributes reached: 300

At the beginning of battle, Nuwa uses the skill, “Pillars of the Sky”
Unlock when Attributes reached: 400


Class: Support
Faction: Guardian & Verdian
Artifacts: Yasakani Magatama, Excalibur, Thor’s Hammer
Runes: Air, Forest, Dark
Tier Rating: S
Tier Rating (F2P): A

Hero Skills

Mend the Sky

Nuwa mends the sky with the Five-Colored Stones and boosts herself and ally Heroes with distinct effects based on their Hero types for 7s.

Nuwa (brown): Increases Attack Speed by 50%.
Tank (red): Recovers 6% of max Health every second.
Physical (yellow): Increases Attack by 30%.
Magical (blue): Increases Crit Chance and Crit Damage by 30%.
Support (green): Restores 30 Energy every second.

Lv.2: This effect lasts for 8s.
Lv.3: This effect lasts for 9s.
Lv.4: This effect lasts for 10s.

Five-Colored Stones

Nuwa summons the Five Colored stones to increase her attributes depending on the color of the stone:

Brown: Increases max Health by 20%.
Red: Increases Attack by 10%.
Yellow: Increases Dodge by 10%.
Blue: Increases Defense by 30%.
Green: Increases Crit Chance by 10%.

Lv.2: Brown: Increases max Health by 25%.
Lv.3: Brown: Increases max Health by 30%.
Lv.4: Brown: Increases max Health by 35%.

Pillars of the Sky

Nuwa summons a Sky Pillar to remove a random enemy for 3s. An extra bonus will be added according to the color of the Stone when the skill is cast.

Brown: Deals 100% damage.
Red: Deals 50% damage to enemies near the target.
Yellow: Stuns enemies near the target for 0.75s.
Blue: The Sky Pillar lasts for an extra 0.75s.
Green: Deals 50% extra damage.

Lv.2: Brown: Deals 120% damage.
Lv.3: Brown: Deals 140% damage.
Lv.4: Brown: Deals 160% damage.

Lustrous Land

Nuwa’s Five-Colored Stones will be switched after each auto- attack, and the auto-attacks will have different effects according to color of the stone in position:

Brown: Removes 100 Energy from the target.
Red: Attack 3 enemies at the same time.
Yellow: Stuns the target for 0.5s.
Blue: Recovers 10% of max Health for the weakest ally.
Green: Deals 220% damage.

Lv.2: Increases Nuwa’s Attack Speed by 5%.
Lv.3: Increases Nuwa’s Attack Speed by 10%.
Lv.4: Increases Nuwa’s Attack Speed by 15%.

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