Mythic Heroes Artemis Wiki Guide 2021 (November)

Mythic Heroes Artemis Guide

The Goddess of the Hunt is as wild as she is fierce. The untamed forest is her home, being able to roam and hunt to her heart’s delight.

Artemis is a hero with very high output that attacks often on top of stunning and reducing defense, which gets better the less enemies there are as she can focus her attacks on less targets. You should use her either to snipe a specific backline hero or attack bosses. She is a good carry and an excellent unit for bosses, however she is squishy without any defensive measure like dodge and may have trouble resisting damage without other heroes to protect her, though she can defend herself using her stun if she manages to cast it towards her attacker(s).


Her weapon allows her to increase her Attack Speed by 25% for 3s whenever she stuns an enemy, increase her Crit by up to 15% when there are no nearby enemies and deal an extra 4% of the target’s max Health as damage whenever she crits with her auto-attack (damage cannot exceed 3x her Attack). Her weapon’s stats are biased towards Accuracy, Attack and Crit while forsaking Health and Defense.


Her kit is made of 2 actives and a passive. Her first active is a knockback and stun dealing up to 220% damage that lasts 3s and can increase her Attack Speed by 25% for 5s. The second active is a volley skill that attacks a target and nearby enemies 9 times for up to 44% damage each, on top of reducing their Crit resistance by 10%. Her passive increases her damage by 2.6% towards a target according to the distance (every 500 units).

Regarding her passive: the width is of the arena on screen is approximately 9500 units, the height of the screen box is 14400 units, and the distance is calculated diagonally.


Artemis, the twin sister of the God Apollo, is the Goddess of Hunting. This role is perfectly aligned with her nature as she is wild and fierce. Hence, she loves the environment that best mirrors her: the untamed forest. Also, as the result of this strong character, she has rejected marriage and love as too constrictive.

In her avoidance of men, she is somewhat similar to her sister Athena. Yet, despite this one similarity, Artemis is passionate and unpredictable (in contrast to Athena’s poised, rational nature). The Goddess of Hunting is also prone to rageful outbursts and is more independently-minded and bold than is Athena.

Artemis was not afraid to make steep requests of her father though, and Zeus always showered her with whatever she desired. When Artemis was very young, she asked her father for a bow like her brother and 20 golden arrows. She also requested nearly 100 nymphs for attendants to take care of her every need, as well as dominion over all the mountains of the Greek countryside. Finally, she asked for one patron city. Not only did Zeus grant all these requests, but he gave her over 30 cities on the land and different islands throughout the Peloponnesian Sea. Artemis, since this day, has hunted and roamed these places to her heart’s delight.


Olympian Aetherbow

When Artemis stuns a target, increase her Attack Speed by 25% for 3s.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 100

If there are no enemies close to Artemis, increase her Crit Chance by 5%.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 200

If there are no enemies close to Artemis, increase her Crit Damage by 15%.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 300

If Artemis deals Crit Damage with her auto- attack, deal an extra 4% of target’s max Health as damage (total damage cannot exceed 300% of Artemis’ Attack).
Unlock when Attributes reach: 400

  • Class: Fighter
  • Faction: Luminarch
  • Rarity:
  • Role: DPS
  • Artifacts: Axe, Staff, Chakra
  • Runes: Fire, Thunder
  • Recommended Combo: Axe + Fire
  • PvE Tier Rating: A
  • PvP Tier Rating: A
  • Boss Tier Rating: S

Hero Skills

Crescent Arrow

Artemis invokes the power of moonlight and shoots 10 arrows at random targets in an area, dealing 90% damage per hit and stunning the targets for 1s.

Lv.2: Increases damage to 95%.
Lv.3: Stun targets for 1.5s.
Lv.4: Increases damage to 100%.

Lunar Strike

Artemis deals 180% damage to the closest enemy Hero, knocking them back and stunning them for 3s.

Lv.2: Additionally, increase her Attack Speed by 25% for 5s.
Lv.3: Increases damage to 200%.
Lv.4: Increases damage to 220%.

Full Moon

For every 500 units of distance between Artemis and her target, increase the damage dealt by 2%.

Lv.2: Increases damage dealt to 2.2%.
Lv.3: Increases damage dealt to 2.4%.
Lv.4: Increases damage dealt to 2.6%.

Moonlit Arrow

Artemis fires a volley of arrows at her target and nearby enemies, dealing 9x 36% damage.

Lv.2: After enemy is hit, they gain a “weak point,” increasing their vulnerability to a Crit by 10%.
Lv.3: Increases damage to 40%.
Lv.4: Increases damage to 44%.

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