Mythic Heroes Dionysus Wiki Guide 2021 (November)

Mythic Heroes Dionysus Guide

Dionysus (or Dio *Jojo theme intensifies*) is probably one of the best units for bosses at the moment. His kit looks like a jack of trades but master of none, but the fact remains that he is a pure debuffer and can severely weaken his enemies while buffing his allies. The only flaw of this support is the lack of recovery abilities but it’s tolerable, especially with the artifact Yasakani. If you invest in him enough to get the weapon debuffs, he becomes a top tier unit for boss fights. He can also be better used in other modes if you highly invest in him however you might want to prepare a support that can complement him.


His weapon allows his ultimate to decrease the target’s Defense by up to 60%, and transfer the ultimate’s debuff to the nearest enemy after the original target has been killed. His weapon’s stats are biased towards Magic Resist while forsaking Defense.


His kit is made of 2 active and 1 passive skill. His first active damages enemies in an area and decreases their Accuracy by up to 40% and their Attack by up to 15% for 6s. The second active inflicts a DOT causing up to 60% damage every second over 6s, and damaging the enemy for 2% of their current Health for every dodged attack. The debuff also reduces up to 50% of the healing received by the target. His passive buffs backline allies for up to 6% Attack and Dodge, for every enemy debuffed by him.


Dionysus is the beloved child of the God-King, Zeus. Since he was a little child, he would explore his realm riding atop an ivy chariot pulled by two fierce, spotted panthers. The young man was full of youth and recklessness, and his attendants were equally wild. Because of this, his area of the forest is very lively, and his followers are full of laughter and merriment. Dionysus knows all the secrets of nature and has mastered the art of making wine. When he arrives in a new place, he teaches people how to grow grapes and make wine, and then he drinks, sings, and dances with everyone until they all collapse.

Dionysus, despite his carefree nature, actually had an extremely tragic childhood. Although his father is the supreme god Zeus, his mother is just a mortal. This poor woman became pregnant after she fell in love with Zeus. She had Zeus promise her that if she gave birth to their child, he would take the baby to live on Mount Olympus. Hera learned of this situation though, and jealousy ignited inside of her heart. So, she used an evil scheme to make the woman burn to death in a raging fire. All that was left after was the infant Dionysus who was rescued by Zeus.

While Dionysus matured, Hera continued to make things difficult for him on Olympus. So, Dionysus began to wander in the mortal world, and when his power grew stronger, he didn’t want to be trapped by emotions anymore. In the forest, all the loss and hatred would quickly pass away there. Only the joy of the moment existed to him. “I don’t know the sorrow of tomorrow. Why not revel in the moment?” He would often say. But if the Ascension Realm is in chaos, who can hide in the forest and be merry? Both he, and the muse who follows him, joined the confrontation to fight for justice.


Ivy Thyrus Staff

Decreases “Drunken” enemies’ Defense by 20%.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 100

Decreases “Drunken” enemies’ Defense by 40%.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 200

Decreases “Drunken” enemies’ Defense by 60%.
Unlock when Altributes reach: 300

If enemy inflicted with “Drunken” dies before its duration ends, re-start “Drunken” on the nearest enemy.
Unlock when Aftributes reach: 400

  • Class: Support
  • Faction: Luminarch
  • Rarity:
  • Role: Debuffer
  • Artifacts: Yasakani, Excalibur, Hammer
  • Runes: Air, Forest
  • Recommended Combo: Yasakani + Air
  • PvE Tier Rating: B
  • PvP Tier Rating: B
  • Boss Tier Rating: S+

Hero Skills


Dionysus applies the debuff “Drunken” to the enemy target with the highest Health, reducing their Attack Speed by 70% for 6s.

Lv.2: Reduces target’s Attack Speed by 80%.
Lv.3: Lasts for 8s.
Lv.4: Reduces target’s Attack Speed by 90%.

Mist of Wine

Dionysus releases “Mist of Wine” in front of him to deal 100% damage to the targets within the area. After, enemies’ Accuracy also decreases by 30% for 6s.

Lv.2: Additionally, reduces enemy Attack by 10%.
Lv.3: Reduces enemy Accuracy by 40%.
Lv.4: Reduces enemy Attack by 15%.

Chronic Poison

Dionysus targets a random frontline enemy with the debuff “Poisonous Wine,” causing 50% damage per second for 6s. If Attack from the inflicted is dodged, target will suffer damage equal to 2% of their current Health.

Lv.2: Additionally, reduces healing received by the target by 25%.
Lv.3: Deals 60% damage to the target every second.
Lv.4: Reduces healing received by the target by 50%.


For every enemy afflicted with “Mist of Wine,” “Poisonous Wine” or “Drunken,” increase the Attack of backline allies by 4%.

Lv.2: Additionally, increases Dodge of backline allies by 4%.
Lv.3: Increases Dodge of backline allies by 6%.
Lv.4: Increases Attack of backline allies by 6%.

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