Mythic Heroes Ganjiang & Moye Guide 2021 (October)


These dedicated blacksmiths fused their bodies with their work to form the most perfect blades ever created. As long as their swords exist, so wil| Ganjiang and Moye.

Ganjiang (or GM) is an awesome hero that can do anything. They can be an offtank, they can AOE, they can deal huge damage, especially with their weapon upgrade. Allowing them to cast their ultimate twice is just overkill at this point when they already do everything. Using the ultimate however removes their ability to dodge and since it can only be cast once, it needs to be manually used sometimes to benefit properly from it.


Their weapon allows them to increase their Attack Speed by up to 100% for 5s after unleashing their ultimate, which can be cast twice after upgrade. Their weapon’s stats are biased towards Crit and Health while forsaking Attack Speed and Attack.


Their kit is made of 2 passives and an active. Their active skill allows them to deal either 3 attacks for 80% damage each and guarantee an attack to crit as Moye, or producing 3 shockwaves for 120% damage each and decrease the target’s Defense by 10%. Their first passive allows Moye to deal up to 75% damage to nearby enemies, and Ganjiang to attack the closest enemy for up to 150% damage. Their other passive increases either their Dodge as Moye or Crit as Ganjiang, by up to 45%. Their ultimate allows them to switch from Moye to Ganjiang and recover up to 45% Health on top of dealing up to 225% damage to all enemies twice, and even while under control at higher levels. This ultimate can only be cast once.

F2P Guide

An extremely strong hero, and is in the featured banner at the moment.

The character has two modes. She starts in a melee-tank mode (with a lot of dodge), doing average aoe damage. Once she can ultimate, Ganjiang enters the battlefield, healing the character and doing a very strong aoe. Ganjiang stays there, and while he loses the dodge buff, he is hitting extremely hard in single target (high base damage + high crit chance + very high attack speed. Susanoo attacks more or less at the same speed despite having a 225% attack speed buff, to give a comparison), and somehow, his skill doing triple attacks is doing one triple swords attack and also a triple lightning attack. Bug or intended? No idea for now.


The weapon is in the average tier, good bonus, but nothing earth-shattering. The second ultimate is helpful, but it’s like “okay, everyone does that baseline and can even do a 3rd or a 4th ultimate, yknow?”. And the bonker part is already the fact Ganjiang is a killing machine, not really the ultimate.


For divinity, in late game, you will want Corrosion + Deftness + either Sprout or Embroilment.


Thousands of years ago, Ganjiang and Moye toiled long days and crafted swords for the people of Huaxia. Although they worked hard, they loved their provincial life, the slow pace, and the feeling of value to their community. This quaint life would all change one day. The two blacksmiths’ reputations as remarkable sword makers had spread outside of their small community. A king even sent an envoy. The king demanded the couple make two swords of absolute perfection within three months. He stated if they couldn’t, they would pay with their lives. Immediately after, Ganjiang and Moye committed themselves with unified focus, and after three months of seclusion and toil, they created two masterpieces. Unfortunately, Ganjiang immediately knew that both fell short of perfection. His wife, Moye, fearful of losing her husband, saw they were only missing the correct feminine energy and jumped into the furnace with them. Ganjiang, without a second thought, jumped in to try to save her. This act of complete commitment of their lives for each other, invoked an ancient magic older than time itself. It spared their lives, binding their souls to their now- perfected blades. As long as these swords survive, so will they. They can also extend their fused energy materially to launch blades at opponents.

Even during battle, these two balance and complement one another. Ganjiang uses a sword that has a tortoise shell pattern. It is broad and protective. While Moye’s sword has an eel skin pattern, and like the animal, is lightning quick and flexible.

They thwarted the king and continued their rural life. That was until the Dark Legion occupied their villages, and their paradise was turned into scorched Earth. In order to protect their former homeland, Ganjiang and Moye had to look for allies to defeat the evil monsters.


Ganjiang Moye Blades

Increases Attack Speed by 40% for 5s after releasing “Twin Souls.”
Unlock when Aftributes reached: 100

Increases Attack Speed by 70% after releasing “Twin Souls.”
Unlock when Aftributes reached: 200

Increases Attack Speed by for 100% after releasing “Twin Souls.”
Unlock when Atributes reached: 300

“Twin Souls” can be released 2 times.
Unlock when Aftributes reached: 400


Class: Mage
Faction: Guardian
Role: Main Carry DPS, AoE DPS
Artifacts: Axe of Pangu, Staff of Sharur, Sudarshana Chakra
Runes: Fire, Thunder, Air
Tier Rating: S
Tier Rating (F2P): S

Hero Skills

Twin Souls

Moye beckons her partner Ganjiang; switching from Moye to Ganjiang recovers 40% of max Health and deals 2x 200% damage to all enemies. This attack is guaranteed to hit. This Ultimate can only be used 1 time(s) per battle.

Lv.2: Recovers 45% of max Health.
Lv.3: Deals 225% damage.
Lv.4: The Ultimate can be used while being controlled. Additionally, disperse all debuffs on Ganjiang.

Illusion Blades

As Moye, Ganjiang sword swirls around her and deals 60% damage to enemies around her. As Ganjiang, Moye sword flies to the closest enemy to deal 120% damage.

Lv.2: As Moye, Ganjiang sword deals 65% damage; as Ganjiang, Moye sword deals 130% damage.
Lv.3: As Moye, Ganjiang sword deals 70% damage; as Ganjiang, Moye sword deals 140% damage.
Lv.4: As Moye, Ganjiang sword deals 75% damage; as Ganjiang, Moye sword deals 150% damage.

Spirit Slash

As Moye, she slashes her sword, dealing 3x 80% damage to the target. As Ganjiang, he produces 3 shockwaves, each dealing 120% damage to the target.

Lv.2: As Moye, deals 85% damage; as Ganjiang, deals 135% damage.
Lv.3: As Moye, the last slash is guaranteed to Crit; as Ganjiang, target’s Defense is decreased by 10% for 5s.
Lv.4: As Moye, deals 90% damage; as Ganjiang, deals 150% damage.


As Moye, she increases Dodge by 36%. As Ganjiang, he increases Crit Chance by 36%.

Lv.2: As Moye, increases Dodge by 39%; as Ganjiang, increases Crit Chance by 39%.
Lv.3: As Moye, increases Dodge by 42%; as Ganjiang, increases Crit Chance by 42%.
Lv.4: As Moye, increases Dodge by 45%; as Ganjiang, increases Crit Chance by 45%.

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