Mythic Heroes Hades Guide 2021 (October)


These dedicated blacksmiths fused their bodies with their work to form the most perfect blades ever created. As long as their swords exist, so wil| Ganjiang and Moye. Hades is an excellent offensive tank that can endure quite some damage from the enemies while making sure to leech off them using lifesteal and keeping them at bay. His scythe that reaps the enemy’s life at a certain threshold is always useful no matter the situation, especially after it has been improved through the weapon.


His weapon allows his Hellhound’s first attack to stun an enemy for up to 3s, while his ultimate gains the ability to recover 500 Energy and reduce the target’s healing received by 100% if the target isn’t killed. His weapon’s stats are biased towards Crit and Defense while forsaking Health and Attack.


His kit is made of 2 active skills and a passive. His first active summons a Hellhound with 50% of his Health to take up to 60% damage in his stead. His second active casts a shield upon him absorbing damage for up to 200% of his Attack and dealing 100% damage to nearby enemies; at higher levels, he also grants the Hellhound a shield. His only passive grants him an aura that deals up to 1.5% of the opponent’s max Health every 2s and recover 50% of that amount. His ultimate allows him to deal up to 120% damage and reap a market target’s life as long as they are under 35% Health at most.

F2P Guide

He is the reverse of Athena. While Athena is all about defensive stuff, Hades is a purely offensive tank, and it shows. He has great damage, but he is purely selfish (he brings nothing to the team), and his tankiness is also somewhat in the low side of tanks (The dog sounds great, up to the point you remember it just adds another target to the aoes). It’s mitigated when you get the lvl 4 of the shield, which is really, really far in the future. However, he has extremely high dps for a tank, with an aoe dealing % max hp every 2s and recovering half after a while, and the possibility to instant kill a target with hp under 35% max life. He is pretty great if you run only 1 dps. If you don’t, however, the additional dps is not really required and you may want a tougher frontline. The weapon gives him an anti-heal and a stun. For Divinity, you want Phantom, Waterdrop, and the T3 you want, they are all great (but with really different uses, though).


The underworld has always been a place that everyone is afraid of, and Hades, its king, is even more frightening. The tall and handsome God is the oldest brother of Zeus and possesses every bit the amount of power that Zeus does. It is said that the unsmiling Hades is incredibly callous. If someone steps in front of his black horse chariot, he will run them over without twitching a facial muscle… Perhaps this could be expected of someone who ruled over the dead though. His realm actually carries his name, “Hades.” In this nether world Hades organizes and allocates the dead based on their lives on Earth. He also makes sure they stay in their chosen area. Hades, the place, is also the prison for many of the Titans, including the Titan-King, Cronus; and Typhon, the God of Destruction. However, it is worth noting that there is one exception to his emotionlessness. When he first glanced at the Goddess of Spring, Persephone, he felt all the darkness that built up from eons in the underworld, wash away.

However, knowing she would never agree to come to his realm, he broke out from the underground to take her captive. Persephone was devastated and cried for her mother constantly. However, Hades genuinely loved her and tried to be responsive to her every need. He even built a magnificent garden for her near their palace. Despite this, Persephone was the Goddess of Spring, and it was too much to be locked away in the underground for months at a time like one of her seeds in the winter.

She tried many times to escape but was always blocked by the River Styx. The naive Persephone then decided to steal the sacred ferry to cross the river. The boat, which was exclusively piloted by Charon, tipped over. As soon as she was submerged, she immediately felt her immortality drain away into the fire-red liquid. Now fully understanding the fear of mortals for the first time, she fiercely thrashed to keep her head above the watery substance. As soon as her head was about to drop below though, Hades grabbed her hand in panicked desperation. He saved her, but he knew too well that his queen had lost her divinity. He loved her without parallel and began to think of drastic thoughts to save her…


Bident of Hell

After being summoned, Hellhound’s first attack will stun the enemy for 2s.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 100

If “Death Scythe” does not kill the target, return 500 Energy to Hades.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 200

Reduces the target’s healing received by 100% for the duration of “Death Scythe.”
Unlock when Attributes reach: 300

Hellhound’s first attack will stun enemy for 3s.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 400

  • Class: Tank
  • Faction: Shadowarch
  • Rarity:
  • Role: Tank
  • Artifacts: Excalibur, Thor’s Hammer, Scarab Badge, Aegis Shield
  • Runes: Earth, Light
  • Tier Rating: A
  • Tier Rating (F2P): A

Hero Skills

Death Scythe

Hades summons the Death Scythe to target the enemy with the lowest Health percentage, marking the target for 3s and dealing 100% damage. If the target’s Health is less than 30%, they will be killed.

Lv.2: Deals 110% damage.
Lv.3: If the target’s Health is less than 35%, kill the target.
Lv.4: Deals 120% damage.

Hell Hound

Hades summons a Hellhound that mirrors 50% of Hades’ Health and absorbs 45% of the damage taken by Hades.

Lv.2: The Hellhound takes 50% of the damage taken by Hades upon himself.
Lv.3: The Hellhound takes 55% of the damage taken by Hades upon himself.
Lv.4: The Hellhound takes 60% of the damage taken by Hades upon himself.

Shadow Shield

Hades casts a shadow shield on himself, absorbing damage equal to 175% of his Attack.

Lv.2: When the shield breaks, it deals 100% damage to nearby enemies.
Lv.3: Absorbs damage equal to 200% of Hades’ Attack.
Lv.4: Additionally, Hellhound gains the shield.

Life Tap

Hades deals damage equal to 1.3% of opponent’s max Health every 2s.

Lv.2: Deals 1.4% damage.
Lv.3: Hades recovers 50% of the enemies’ lost Health.
Lv.4: Deals 1.5% damage.

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