Mythic Heroes Idun Wiki Guide 2022 (January)


The exquisite Idun is beauty personified. Her role among the Norse Gods was to keep them youthful and healthy, as without her, they cannot avoid the effects of time.

Idun is a great support and one of the few capable of restoring Health and Energy to your side, which makes for a good healer who burns Energy as quickly as she gets it to help protect her allies, and allow them to cast skills more often. Her apples pop so frequently that your team never stops regenerating as long as an enemy such as Persephone is missing.


Her weapon allows her golden apples to recover up to an extra 20% of the target’s Health within 6s and reduce the respawn cooldown by 4s. Her weapon’s stats are biased towards Health, Crit and Defense while forsaking Dodge and Attack.


Her kit is made of only 1 active and 2 passives. Her active allows her to summon a stag that steals up to 120 Energy from a target and deal up to 200% damage to them. Her first passive summons 3 golden apples at the beginning of the battle, allowing an ally to eat one if their Health is under 50% and recover up to 30% of their max Health; this effect can only be used once every 6s and when the apples are consumed she can spend more Energy to summon them again. Her second passive allows her to spend at least 65 Energy to block an ally’s damage amounting to more than 10% of their max Health; this effect can only be triggered once every 4s and at higher levels she can recover 10 Energy every second. Her ultimate summons more golden apples, recovering all allies’ Energy by up to 35 and Health by up to 45% of her Attack every second for 6s

F2P Guide

Idun doesn’t start too well. She has useful heals, a great block effect, a good energy steal effect, but nothing S tiers worthy at this point. However, she has 2 powespikes:

  • The first is at lvl 161, where she can respawn the golden apples, which will be her main healing starting from there.
  • The second is when her weapon reaches lvl 400, and the apples will get a cooldown of 2 sec, while healing for 50% max hp (you can improve this with water runes, reaching 70%+ max life per apple).

Forget about the ultimate (and the “battery” some people call her), the real value is spending the energy on the apples and the blocks.


Her weapon is top tier, with a lot of useful effects all around.


For Divinity, what you want is probably Self Hypnosis (works on apples), Energy field, and Prevail. A sure investment for the future.


The exquisite Idun is beauty personified. Even the animals of the forest cannot help but recognize it; they will stop chasing their prey in mid-step, stop and stare. Their eyes then fixate on her soft and elegant strides until she is out of sight. Some will even begin to follow. .. In fact, her spirit stag follows her wherever she goes. She can summon this stag during battle to get valuable resources from the enemy, as she can give resources with her golden apple tree. The apples on the tree draw upon the most ancient and powerful elven magic. They give eternal youth and can heal teammates during battle. Her name even represents this magic, as ldun means “ever young.”

Her role was essential amongst the Norse Gods, as it was her presence that kept Asgard youthful and healthy. Loki once tricked Idun when he said he found new apples that were better than hers. He claimed he would show her in the forest. When Idun went outside with Loki, a giant came in the form of an eagle and grabbed her. While she was gone, the Gods absolutely panicked; they immediately began to turn aged and tired. They hastily questioned everyone as to when they last saw Idun. Two of the Gods said they saw her leave with Loki, so Loki was brought in front of the council and threatened with torture and death. She was eventually recovered, but this story shows the vital importance of Idun to the Gods. Without her, they cannot offset the effects of time.

Idun is a Verdian as a result of her elven heritage. The elves both respect and love nature and this definitely includes Idun.


Golden Apple Tree Branch

The Golden Apples from “Eden’s Salvation” recover an extra 10% of the target’s Health within 6s.
Unlock when Aftributes reached: 100

Recover an extra 15% of the target’s Health.
Unlock when Aftributes reached: 200

Recover an extra 20% of the target’s Health.
Unlock when Attributes reached: 300

Reduces the cooldown of “Eden’s Salvation” by 4s.
Unlock when Aftributes reached: 400


Class: Support
Faction: Verdian
Role: Healer
Artifacts: Yasakani Magatama, Excalibur, Thor’s Hammer
Runes: Water, Air, Forest
Tier Rating: S
Tier Rating (F2P): S

Hero Skills

Tree of Life

Idun summons the Tree of Youth. “Golden Apples” drop from the tree, restoring 25 Energy and recovering Health equal to 35% of Idun’s Attack every second to all ally Heroes for 6s.

Lv.2: Recovers Health equal to 40% of Attack.
Lv.3: Restores 35 Energy every second.
Lv.4: Recovers Health equal to 45% of Attack.

Eden's Salvation

At the start of the battle, Idun summons 3 “Golden Apples.” When an ally Hero has less than 50% Health, they consume this apple to recover 20% of their max Health. This effect can only be used once every 6s.

Lv.2: Restores 25% of the Hero’s max Health.
Lv.3: When all the “Golden Apples” are consumed, Idun spends 500 Energy to summon 3 more “Golden Apples.”.
Lv.4: Restores 30% of the Hero’s max Health.

Divine Blessing

When any backline ally Hero takes damage equaling more than 10% of their max Health, Idun spends 80 Energy to block this damage. This effect can only be triggered once every 5s.

Lv.2: Spends 65 Energy to block this damage.
Lv.3: Idun recovers 10 Energy every second
Lv.4: Can be triggered every 4s.

Spirit Away

Idun summons a “Spirit Stag” to steal 100 Energy from the target and deal 150% damage.

Lv.2: Steals 11O Energy.
Lv.3: Deals 200% damage.
Lv.4: Steals 120 Energy.

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