Mythic Heroes Izanami Guide 2021 (October)


Locked in Yomi by her husband, Izanami swore to exact her vengeance on the world by killing 1000 people a day. But Izanagi responded by giving life to 1500 people, creating the balance of life.

Izanami (or Iza) is a very good offtank mage just like Ganjiang as she can reduce her damage taken if she manages to pick up more Wandering Ghosts during the battle. Her lifedrain if not interrupted is a terrible skill to suffer from and her burst at the start can shift the enemy’s position and gather them together, allowing for more group shots to be made (take Artemis, Lu Bu, or even Ganjiang for instance that are heroes with skills targeting a small area. Her damage can get quite high especially if she can collect Ghosts and recover Energy frequently.


Her weapon allows her ultimate do deal up to 48%/32%/16% extra damage when there are 1/2/3 enemies on the battlefield, and grants her Specter Impact skill the ability to collect 1 extra Wandering Ghost. Her weapon’s stats are biased towards Crit Damage and Attack while forsaking Crit.


Her kit is made of 2 active skills and a passive. Her first active consists of summoning Wandering Ghosts in front of her to deal up to 250% damage to enemies and collect the Ghosts for every target hit with 50% chance, and a guarantee at higher levels. Her second active is an AOE channeling lifedrain skill that can mark enemies and collect Ghosts from every marked enemy, dealing up to 85% damage per 0.5s for 1.5s and recovering 100% of the damage as Health. Her passive is an aura that reduces damage taken by 10% and stack 4% more damage reduction per Ghost under her control, and allows her to attain a maximum of up to 10 Ghosts while beginning the battle with 5 Ghosts. Her ultimate allows her to release half her Ghosts to deal up to 70% Attack + 3% per Ghost released every second, and recover 50% of the total damage dealt as Health after the Ghosts return; it also gives her a 50% Lifesteal enchantment.

F2P Guide

A magical DPS. Calling her a carry is a bit of a stretch, as her dps is on the low side, and her tricks are all about being really tanky, lifestealing the enemy and kill them slowly more than quickly. While Hades is on the extreme “dps” side of the tank spectrum, Izanami is on the extreme “Tank and sustain” side of the dps. She does her job very well, and you will sometimes winning the fight in 1v4 or 1v5 after her team got decimated. However, she has weaknesses, such as the fact she is REALLY vulnerable at the start of a fight (Susanoo quickly destroys her, for instance), the fact she has no CC, and the fact she can’t kill quickly an enemy for the life of her (compared to any other non-aoe dps, her aoe being nothing to write home about).

Her weapon is pretty terrible (outside bossing. It’s fine in bossing) as it barely provides you anything if you don’t kill at least 2 enemies, and even then it boosts averagely a single skill. It does provide crit damage as a 3rd offensive stat, which is awesome, but the crit rate of the weapon is extremely low, and has no means (outside Nuwa and the flame rune) to get critical chance. Mixed blessing.

For Divinity, you probably want Phantom, Waterdrop and Savvy (or Energy field if she is not your main dps).


Izanami and Izanagi are brother and sister and husband and wife. Izanami is fair, petite, and cute; while Izanagi is strong and rugged. These two were ordered by the original Gods to create land on the primeval sea. They did, along with fourteen other islands, and gave life to thirty- three Gods. When Izanami gave birth to the God of Fire though, she was killed and swept away to Yomi, the underworld.

She had no idea what to do at first. Her ever- youthful body began to degrade, and she was scared to see the light of the sun again. If she was in the light, all would see her decomposed form. .. So, she simply waited. She even ate the food of the underworld. This meant that she could not leave, but the food would eventually regenerate her body.

It was shortly after though that she was surprised by her husband. Izanagi had sought her out and found her in the underworld! Izanami felt the excitement of potentially going home. She told him that they would have to talk to the ruler of Yomi to try to leave. She implored though, “Promise me you will not look upon me until we arrive!” Izanagi reluctantly agreed, and they set off together. Eventually though, her husband grew impatient and lit a torch to see his beautiful wife. When he saw her decomposed, he was shocked and terrified. He ran in the opposite direction; she pursued him. She was furious and wanted him dead too. . . then he would understand. He escaped out of the entryway and blocked Izanami from exiting by rolling a boulder over the hole. That was the last time the two saw each other. From the other side of the boulder, she promised to kill 1000 people per day in vengeance; Izanagi responded saying he would give life to 1500 people then… The balance of life was struck.


Lamp of Yomi

When there is/are 1/2/3 enemy(ies) on the battlefield, “Breath of the Dead” deals 24%/16%/8% more damage.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 100

“Breath of the Dead” deals 36%/24%/12% more damage.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 200

Collect an extra 1 Wandering Ghost(s) when using “Specter Impact.”
Unlock when Attributes reach: 300

“Breath of the Dead” deals 48%/32%/16% more damage.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 400

  • Class: Mage
  • Faction: Shadowarch
  • Rarity:
  • Role: Main Carry DPS, AoE DPS
  • Artifacts: Axe of Pangu, Staff of Sharur, Sudarshana Chakra, Yasakani Magatama
  • Runes: Fire, Thunder, Air
  • Tier Rating: S
  • Tier Rating (F2P): S

Hero Skills

Breath of the Dead

Izanami releases half of her Wandering Ghosts for 10s to absorb the enemy’s life, dealing damage equal to 60% of Attack + (number of ghost released] x 3% every second. At the end of the skill, she recovers Health equal to 50% of the total damage dealt. Additionally, all Ghosts will return to Izanami.

Lv.2: Add 50% Lifesteal with enchantment.
Lv.3: Deals damage equal to 65% damage + [number of ghosts released] × 3%.
Lv.4: Deals damage equal to 70% damage + [number of ghosts released] x 3%.

Specter Impact

Izanami summons Wandering Ghosts to deal 200% damage to enemies directly in front of her.

Lv.2: For every target hit, Izanami has 50% chance to collect 1 Wandering Ghost(s).
Lv.3: Deals 250% damage.
Lv.4: Izanami has 100% chance to collect Wandering Ghosts.

Life Drain

Izanami marks 1 enemy, dealing 75% damage every 0.5s for 1.5s and recovering Health equal to 100% of damage dealt.

Lv.2: At the start of the skill, collect 1 Ghosts from every marked enemy.
Lv.3: Deals 80% damage.
Lv.4: Deals 85% damage.

Nether Enchantment

Izanami’s spirit forms a protective aura around her, reducing her damage taken by 10%. Additionally, the Wandering Ghosts around her further reduce her damage taken by 4%. Izanami can attain a maximum of 5 Ghosts.

Lv.2: Can attain a maximum of 8 Ghosts.
Lv.3: At the beginning of the battle, Izanami obtains 5 Ghosts.
Lv.4: Can attain a maximum of 10 Ghosts.

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