Mythic Heroes Lucifer Guide 2021 (October)


Lucifer, the High Seraphim, rebelled against the Sanctuary of Light and became the leader of the Shadowarch Faction. With his new strength from the Void God, he launched his attack on the Sanctuary.

Lucifer (or Luci) is an excellent carry if not the best in the game. His offtank abilities using Dodge and Lifesteal make him great in the first place as he also can recover Energy in his alternate form, and his damage is high as he attacks often and splashes damage whenever he does, not to mention the ultimate that can knock everyone back and stun them along with his following attacks. There is no way to go wrong with Lucifer provided you can heavily invest in him as a main carry.


His kit is made of 2 passives and an active. His first passive enchants his sword with flames every 2 auto-attacks to slash a target and deal up to 230% damage twice. The attack splashes and hits nearby enemies for 50% damage; as a Fallen Angel, his attacks are always imbued. His second passive increases his Attack Energy Restoration and Hit Energy Restoration by up to 30% and increases his Dodge by up to 10% for 5s (stackable 3 times). His active makes him soar in the air and attack up to 5 times dealing up to 160% damage per attack within 0.5s, As a Fallen Angel, he stuns his target for 0.5s. His ultimate bursts every enemy for 80% damage every 0.5s and knocking them back; As a Fallen Angel, he always restores up to 40 Energy for every enemy hit.


His weapon grants his Fallen Flames skill up to 60% Lifesteal, while using his Fallen Stars skill as a Fallen Angel removes all his debuffs (even when controlled). His weapon’s stats are biased towards Lifesteal, Attack and Crit while forsaking Health and Defense.

F2P Guide

While every tier list is putting him at the very top, I put him at the very bottom. And for good reason. He is an UR unit, so you can’t get copies of him easily. That means he’ll be stuck at a low max level and you won’t be able to put him 40 levels ahead of your team (which you are supposed to do with the DPS if you want to progress the most). You also won’t be able to upgrade his weapon (as you need at least 8 copies to do so), and his stats will be average-low.

The character itself is an extremely squishy melee DPS that relies solely on lifesteal from one of his skills and he has a short I-frame skill to survive. He brings a knockback, and that’s all. He also needs to land an ultimate before becoming good. And unlike Ganjiang and Moye, he doesn’t get the massive tankiness of Moye at the start of the fight, nor the heal of the ultimate to “reset himself”.

It’s a whale character through and through. People say he is awesome and of-course-he-is-busted, but he is really not. And I’m saying that with 5 copies of him in my low spender account (which is much more than I have any right to have). He is really expensive as a character (both money and in-game resources), and he is easily benched to get a stronger character instead. His weapon is absolute trash tier, with no 3rd DPS stat, no DPS bonus effect at all, and just more lifesteal.


Before the “Deep Sleep”, the Creator left a prophecy: “In the future, humans will replace the Gods as the masters of this world. Until that day, the Angel Legion will maintain this world’s order.” When the angels heard this, they made a solemn bow and simply continued their lives. You see, angels are very similar to humans in many ways. This omen therefore did not inspire a strong reaction. Besides being immortal, the angels are merely born from pure light, and have no desire for children.

Among those that listened to this decree, the most brilliant of them was the high seraphim, Lucifer. Lucifer’s eyes are the color of pure gold and are known as the “pupils of truth.” It is said that these eyes can see the truth in all situations. His wings are pure perfection – without a single feather fiber out of place. He also radiates a luminous glow which extends for miles in all directions. For this reason, he eventually gained the title, the “Dawn Star.”

When Lucifer witnessed the corruption of humankind though, a darkness started to spread throughout his being. With his magnificence, how could he allow these flawed humans to rule the world? He proclaimed, “| will ascend above the highest mount, lift my throne above all the stars of Heaven. I will sit on the extreme North, the lodestar [directional star] of the entire Universe.” This was Lucifer’s point of no return. ..

He soon convinced one-third of all the angels to launch a rebellion against the Sanctuary of Light. These “Fallen Angels” fell to Earth and accepted the Void God’s strength to mount their attack on the Sanctuary. Their wings then became a scorched, red-black color and Lucifer was called Satan since this day. Satan means “slanderer” and he is called this, because he went against the prophecy of the Creator. Although people often have negative emotions towards him, he always saw himself as the sole purifier of the realms.


Doomsday Blade

When using the skill “Fallen Flames,” gain 30% Lifesteal.
Unlock when Aftributes reached: 100

When using the skill “Fallen Flames,” gain 45% Lifesteal.
Unlock when Aftributes reached: 200

When using the skill “Fallen Flames,” gain 60% Lifesteal.
Unlock when Attributes reached: 300

When Lucifer uses “Fallen Stars” as a Fallen Angel, remove all his debuffs (this skill can be used when controlled).
Unlock when Atributes reached: 400


Class: Fighter
Faction: Luminarch & Shadowarch
Role: Main Carry DPS
Artifacts: Axe of Pangu, Staff of Sharur, Sudarshana Chakra
Runes: Fire, Thunder, Dark
Tier Rating: S+
Tier Rating (F2P): D

Hero Skills

Holy Chaos

Lucifer folds his wings to charge and then bursts out an aura of holy energy from the sky for 2.5s, dealing 70% damage to all enemies every 0.5s and knocking them all back. At the same time, Lucifer transforms into a Fallen Angel. As a Fallen Angel, Lucifer also removes 30 Energy from the enemy every hit.

Lv.2: Deals 75% damage.
Lv.3: Removes 40 Energy every hit.
Lv.4: Deals 80% damage.

Fallen Flames

After 2 auto-attacks, Lucifer enchants his sword with flame and slashes the target to deal 2x 200% damage. The flames also deal 50% damage to nearby enemies. As a Fallen Angel, Lucifer’s auto- attack is always enchanted with flames.

Lv.2: Deals 210% damage.
Lv.3: Deals 220% damage.
Lv.4: Deals 230% damage.

Imperious Glance

Lucifer’s Attack Energy Restoration and Hit Energy Restoration are increased by 20%.

Lv.2: After using an active skill, increase Dodge by 8% for 5s. This effect can stack 3 times.
Lv.3: Attack Energy Restoration and Hit Energy Restoration increases by 30%.
Lv.4: Increases Dodge by 10%.

Fallen Stars

Lucifer elevates into the air and fires 4 fallen stars, each dealing 140% damage to 1 random enemy. After the last hit, Lucifer emerges in front of the enemy. As Fallen Angel, Lucifer also stuns the target for 0.1s.

Lv.2: As a Fallen Angel, Lucifer stuns hit target for 0.5s.
Lv.3: Deals 160% damage.
Lv.4: Fires 5x fallen stars.

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