Mythic Heroes Nagakayna Wiki Guide 2021 (November)

Mythic Heroes Nagakayna Guide

The Dragon Princess was the daughter of the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea. However, after seeing the destruction caused by her father, she began to use her water spells to help the people of Huaxia.

Nagakayna (or Naga) is a great healer and also one of the few along with Idun. She is capable of protecting an ally and healing them decently (even more so with her passive), and a huge amount with her ultimate. Her weapon allows her to imitate Idun by restoring Energy to an ally she’s protecting and purge debuffs, which makes it a pretty good supporting weapon that completes her kit.


Her weapon grants her Aqua Barrier skill the ability to generate up to 25 Energy each second for 5s and allows her ultimate to remove all allies’ debuffs. Her weapon’s stats are biased towards Attack Speed and Defense while forsaking Health and Crit.


Her kit is made of 2 actives and a passive. Her first active summons a bubble to protect an ally with the lowest Health that absorbs up to 200% damage for 5s; when the shield breaks, that hero and nearby allies recover Health by up to 120% of her Attack. Her second active summons a jet of water to launch an enemy in the air, stunning them for up to 2.5s, for a maximum of 250% damage. Her passive increases the team’s healing ability by up to 18%, and an extra 7% to allies under 20% Health; when she overheals the excess Health turns into a shield. Her ultimate summons a healing wave, recovering all allies’ Health by up to 4% every second for a duration of up to 9s; She also increases Defense by 100% during that time.


The Dragon Princess Nagakanya was the daughter of the Dragon King of the Eastern Sea. The princess grew up to be a clever and gifted, young lady that everyone wanted to impress. Because of this, Nagakanya was slightly arrogant and disobedient. She would go around the communities of the region playing pranks on soldiers and taking her servants throughout her domain. If anyone offended her in any way, she would respond with fury and scorn. She would even force her attendants and friends to shun the one who angered her, even if their offense was slight.

However, during the period of the Great Floods, everything for everyone on the Huaxia continent changed. It all began with the cruelty of her father. Her father was an ill-tempered dragon, and he loved to have his soldiers plundering and pillaging the coastal towns to collect treasures and slaves for his own palace. After years of living in fear, humanity began to fight back though, which led to an escalation of tactics. The Dragon King’s soldiers began wiping out these villages to make an example of them. The survivors began to pray for divine help, and Nuwa heard their prayers. The elder Goddess eventually killed the ocean Dragon King with Pangu’s axe.

Nagakanya was furious and personally led an army of Oceanids and Nereids against Nuwa. Nuwa, being an elder God, easily defeated the young dragoness. Nuwa did not expel Nagakanya though, as she saw her potential. First, she took Nagakanya around and showed her the devastation caused by her father. Nagakanya, after seeing the horror first-hand, relented her anger and her thoughts of revenge against Nuwa subsided. Nagakanya even stayed on these lands afterwards and her life took on a new purpose. She used her water spells to bring rains to the farmers and herders throughout the landscape of Huaxia. Like Nuwa, she took humanity’s cause as her own and helped them live a better life. For this, the people showed great reverence for Nagakanya, and she accepted the gratitude with a warm heart.


Master Dragon Pearl

When an ally target is protected by “Aqua Barrier,” restore 15 Energy each second for 5s to them.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 100

Restore 20 Energy each second to them.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 200

Restore 25 Energy each second to them.
Unlock when Attributes reach: 300

Remove all Debuffs on ally Heroes when releasing “Blessing of Rain.”
Unlock when Attributes reach: 400


  • Class: Support
  • Faction: Verdian
  • Rarity:
  • Role: Healer
  • Artifacts: Yasakani, Excalibur, Hammer
  • Runes: Water, Air, Forest
  • Recommended Combo: Yasakani + Water
  • PvE Tier Rating: A+
  • PvP Tier Rating: A
  • Boss Tier Rating: A

Hero Skills

Blessing of Rain

Nagakanya prays for rain for 7s. During this time, recover Health to all allies equal to 3% of their max Health every second.

Lv.2: Increases duration to 9s.
Lv.3: Additionally, Nagakanya Defense is increased by 100% for the skill duration.
Lv.4: Recovers Health to all allies equal to 4% of their max Health.

Aqua Barrier

Nagakanya summons a bubble shield that absorbs 180% of her Attack to the ally Hero with lowest Health, lasting for 5s. When the time expires or the shield breaks, that ally Hero and all nearby allies recover Health equal to 100% of her Attack.

Lv.2: Absorbs 190% damage.
Lv.3: Recovers Health equal to 120% of her Attack.
Lv.4: Absorbs 200% damage.

Surging Wave

Nagakanya summons a jet of water to launch an enemy target into the air, dealing 150% damage and stunning them for 2s.

Lv.2: Deals 200% damage.
Lv.3: Stuns the enemy for 2.5s.
Lv.4: Deals 250% damage.

Aqua Favor

Increase Nagakanya’s healing abilities by 15%.

Lv.2: Increases healing ability by 18%.
Lv.3: When Nagakanya over-heals, convert the excess Health into a shield for the target.
Lv.4: Increases healing ability by 25% to allies with Health less than 20%.

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