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Paper Heroes Tier List [May 2024]

Paper Heroes Tier List

‍Are you on the hunt for the best characters in Paper Heroes? Look no further! We’ve put together the ultimate Paper Heroes tier list to help you navigate through the extensive roster of characters in this exciting new Gacha game.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, our comprehensive guide will help you form the best team possible for PvE and PvP game modes. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Paper Heroes!

Paper Heroes: A World of Characters

Paper Heroes offers a vast range of characters to collect and use in battles against opponents in both PvP and PvE modes. However, not all characters are created equal—some excel when paired with specific characters or require synergy to reach their full potential, while others are effective in all game types and don’t need synergy.

That’s where our Paper Heroes tier list comes in handy! We’ve ranked all the characters in the game based on their overall strength in every game mode. But before we unveil the tier list, let’s first understand the ranking system.

Understanding the Tier Ranking System

In our Paper Heroes tier list, characters are ranked across four primary tiers: Tier S, Tier A, Tier B, and Tier D. Here’s a brief explanation of each tier:

  • Tier S: These are the “cream of the crop” characters—highly effective across all game modes and don’t require synergy to realize their full potential.
  • Tier A: These characters are strong and perform well in most game modes, but may require some synergy to truly shine.
  • Tier B: These characters are decent but may need specific team compositions or additional support to excel.
  • Tier D: These characters are generally weaker and not recommended for use in competitive play.

Now that you’re familiar with the ranking system, let’s dive into the actual Paper Heroes tier list!

Paper Heroes Tier List – Tier S: The Supreme Heroes

These characters are the best of the best, and their presence alone can turn the tides of battle in your favor. Here are the Tier S characters in Paper Heroes:

  • Captain James – Tier S
  • Cowgirl Jessicar – Tier S
  • Bear Brody – Tier S
  • Performer Sonar – Tier S
  • Cynin Sato – Tier S
  • Doctor C.G – Tier S
  • DJ Eagle – Tier S

Paper Heroes Tier List – Tier A: The Formidable Forces

While not as dominant as Tier S characters, these heroes are still powerful and can hold their own in most game modes. Here are the Tier A characters in Paper Heroes:

  • Striker Scarlet – Tier A
  • Witch Wondra – Tier A
  • Siphoner Razkul – Tier A
  • Brawler B3D2 – Tier A
  • Glutton Olige – Tier A
  • Marksman Ratch – Tier A
  • Guard Zero – Tier A
  • Quiet Maledict – Tier A
  • Gravity Enigma – Tier A
  • Barbedback Quil – Tier A

Paper Heroes Tier List – Tier B: The Respectable Roster

These characters need a little more support to shine, but they can still be useful in the right team compositions. Here are the Tier B characters in Paper Heroes:

  • Rogue Urbane – Tier B
  • Judgement Fist – Tier B
  • Moxie McKnight – Tier B
  • Undying Monak – Tier B
  • Mummy Tutank – Tier B
  • Vanquisher GX81 – Tier B

Paper Heroes Tier List – Tier D: The Discouraged Detachment

These characters are generally weaker and not recommended for use in competitive play. However, they may still have niche uses or personal appeal. Here are the Tier D characters in Paper Heroes:

  • Bloodhunter Flae – Tier D
  • Electro Spark5 – Tier D
  • Demented R3X – Tier D
  • Ice Ranger Tres – Tier D
  • Nurse Florence – Tier D

Recommended Heroes for Beginners

If you’re new to Paper Heroes, you might be wondering which characters to prioritize. Here are some of the best heroes for beginners:

  • Captain James: An AOE Damage Hero, Captain James is great for Early and Mid Game and is relatively easy to obtain.
  • Bear Brody: As a Tank that creates stackable Shields for allies, Bear Brody is perfect for Early and Mid Game and is also easy to obtain.
  • Doctor C.G: A Healer with good defense buffs, Doctor C.G is suitable for Early and Mid Game and is easy to obtain.
  • Striker Scarlet: With high Single-Target Damage and the ability to temporarily ignore enemy defense, Striker Scarlet excels in Early, Mid, and Late Game.
  • Cynin Sato: A character with Single-Target and AOE Damage, Cynin Sato boasts high Attack Damage and Critical Rates, making him a valuable asset in Early, Mid, and Late Game.

Hero Classes and Types

Paper Heroes features a diverse mix of characters, each with unique abilities and roles within the game. The characters are divided into various classes and types, including Humans, Aliens, Mechs, Divine, and Cursed. Some characters are Ground-based, while others are Flying. Each class and type has its strengths and weaknesses, so be sure to consider this when building your team.

Hero Level and Ascension

In Paper Heroes, you can level up your heroes using Hero Coins, Hero EXP, and Hero Serum. Every 20 hero levels, a new skill unlocks or an existing skill upgrades. Additionally, you can ascend heroes into higher rarities using the Hideout > Ascension Lab.

Reset Lab

If you ever feel the need to reset, retire, or revert a hero, you can do so using the Hideout > Reset Lab. This feature allows you to change your mind about a character without losing any progress or investment.

Conclusion: Mastering Paper Heroes

By now, you should have a firm grasp of the Paper Heroes tier list and the various characters available in the game. With this knowledge in hand, you’re well on your way to building a formidable team and dominating the competition in both PvE and PvP modes.

Keep in mind that the tier list may change over time as new characters are introduced, and existing characters are buffed or nerfed. So, be sure to stay up-to-date with the latest Paper Heroes Tier List to maintain an edge in the game. Good luck, and may the best heroes be with you!

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