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Pet Simulator X April Fools’ Event Changelog

Here’s the complete Pet Simulator X April Fools’ Event changelog!

Happy April Fools’ Day! Pet Sim 1 world, error pets & eggs, secret room & egg, FRUIT?! + much more!

Pet Simulator X April Fools’ Event Changelog

Paws for a moment, what’s today?

Travel to the new April Fools’ area through the door in the Town area.

Limited time area for this week only! No joke!

Happy April Fools’ Day!

Pet Simulator 1 Area

Welcome to a blast from the past!

Pet Simulator 1 is back, but now on Pet Simulator X.

The throwback area features new eggs and a secret.

To unlock the area, 3 quests must be completed!

Error Pets

Embrace the madness with new pets!

Three pets and the HUGE Error Cat are ready to be hatched!

Huge Error Cat Value

Huge Error Cat Value

Error Dragon Value

Error Dragon Value

Error Axolotl Value

Error Axolotl Value

Error Dog Value

Error Dog Value

Error Eggs

Find new eggs in the April Fools’ area!

These Error Eggs cost Diamonds instead of Coins.

Don’t waste time! Hatch limited-time pets, including the Huge Error Cat.

Remember, quests must be completed to unlock this area!

Secret Door

404 Not Found! Alright, if you’re reading this, it’s hard to not spoil the secret.

I wonder where this door could be, hmm…

Secret Room

Behold the secret April Fools’ room!

We put a lot of work into this new room, and it shows! Right?!

Good luck getting in! Make sure to ask nicely.

Secret Egg

In the secret area, there is an egg with better hatch chances.

The Diamond Error Egg has a 10x better chance to hatch the HUGE Error Cat!

Good luck hatching!

Fruit Boosters

Yummy, fruit! Now spawning randomly across the world.

Breaking fruit grants boosters which stack with more fruit broken.

Each fruit gives a different boost. The best being rainbow fruit which grants all boosts.

For now, this is a feature unique to the April Fools’ event. Let us know what you think!

Error Breakables

These error breakables provide a visual modifier to your player.

Experience the effects of being giant, mini, and many other things!

See if you can find some spawning in the world!

Paintball Launcher

Let the paintball fights commence!

Grab a launcher from a paint pile on the Trading Plaza!

The launcher can be used to color other players, or for target practice!

Infinite Pets

Remember the Infinite Pets gamepass? It was originally added as a joke, except now it’s a tradition!

Purchasing allows you to equip INFINITE pets for 72 hours.

Since lot’s of people enjoyed it, it’s only fitting to bring it back ONLY for April Fools’ day!

Oh man! Over 750 pets equipped!

Fan Art Replaced

After further consideration, we realized we made a mistake accepting the last set of fan art.

We’ve replaced all the art in-game with much better art!

Thank you to the very talented artists who worked very hard on these!


Kawaii Adjustments

Hooray! The Alley Chest’s health has been nerfed by 20%.

Annndd, the Kawaii Alley & Dojo Eggs have been lowered in price!

Breakables Rebalancer

Ever tried to find a unique breakable in an area, only to find that they’ve all been broken already?

Introducing the Breakables Rebalancer v9000 which automagically respawns breakables.

This super duper doodad ensures that unique breakables can be found in every area.

Repeat Dark Matter

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? The repeat button has been added to the Dark Matter machine.

Easily repeat your last Dark Matter selection with the press of this button.


  • Fixed the back button in the trade history menu
  • Fixed the floating face decal while riding in the Titanic Hologram Cat
  • Added the ability to re-teleport to the same trading server type in the trading realm teleport menu

Got ya’ good! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team

Thanks to all the fan artists! 7anthonys, AmProRobloxPlay3r, Aresnelprogamer, ArganyYT, celi_mimi, Despacito_TDM, Expellez, Fifinama, floraguayo, Forest_YTube, gdtheoutcast, gjlplev, IghtNub, ImNotLuckyInnocent, JakesDucky, jonah168petsimx, Just_Zola, Krumpnugget, LovelyBonBonBaby, Memoirist, Miaukatze2010, milkandcereal500, Monody12123, Mooselikesjuice, NT_NC, NT_NC_2, papa_stewart, Seebwee, seinzie, Sethgo20, skyglitter2215, SupaMasterGamerPro, SUPERROBLOX100M, sus_amongususy, TheBabyFireDragon, ThiagoC6, Vinxci, and WorriedMitchell2007.