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Pet Simulator X Cinco de Mayo Update [April 29 2023]

Here’s our Pet Simulator X Cinco de Mayo update guide that released on April 29, 2023. It centers around the Mexican Cinco De Mayo celebration.

Pet Simulator X Cinco de Mayo Update [April 29 2023]

Pet Simulator X Cinco de Mayo Update

Here’s the full list of changes for the Cinco de Mayo Update in Pet Simulator X.

Cinco de Mayo Event

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! It’s time to party!

There are piñatas spawning around in every area.

Inside are loads of goodies from pets, boosts, and diamonds!

Every 4 hours a Giant Piñata spawns, starting at 12PM CDT.

The Giant Piñata can be found hanging over the Town area.

The best chance for the HUGE Piñata Cat is in the Giant Piñata.

Limited time event, so put on your blindfold and get breaking!

Piñata Egg

Grab your sombrero and get hatching!

The Piñata Egg hatches from breaking piñatas.

Inside find the Sombrero Cat, Sombrero Chihuahua, Piñata Cat, and Piñata Dog.

Reminder, the best chance for the HUGE Piñata Cat is in the Giant Piñata!

New pets can be obtained from the event, including:

And part 2 of the update contains the following pets:

Huge Evolved Pets

Pet Simulator X Huge Evolve Pets Guide

Also see: How to get Huge Evolved pets in Pet Simulator X

You can now obtain Huge Evolved pets. It requires five specific huge pets to create a single Evolved Huge pet. The pet that you receive will largely depend on which huges you decide to use.

Each specific huge pet will grant a 20% chance to obtain the Huge Evolved version. Using all five of the same pet will guarantee that you obtain it.

Huge Evolved pet will be significantly stronger than your best pets.

List of all evolved pets:

How to evolve Huge pets in Pet Simulator X

Huge-a-Tron Event Pets & Cool Pets

You can now convert event pets into the new Huge-a-Tron machine. The reward is an Event Egg 1.

It requires 100 points to obtain one Event Egg 1. Each event pet converted is worth between 1-4 points.

The following pets can be hatched from an Event Egg 1:

We’ll have the Event Egg 1 value soon.

Safari Dog & Huge Safari Dog

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The Scavenger Egg Hunt has been updated with new pets: Safari Dog and Huge Safari Dog.

Fruit Mastery & Achievements

A new mastery for fruit has been added.

Achievements for collecting fruit have also been added.

Like/Dislike Feature

A new Like/Dislike sign has been added. It allows players to vote on whether a new update is good.

And that was our guide to the Pet Simulator X Cinco de Mayo Update! We’ll update this guide with more information about the update if necessary.

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