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Pet Simulator X Diamond Mine Update Log

Mine through this diamond-filled update! Diamond mine, enchants, loot bags, 3x potion, & more! Plus, new CRYSTAL exclusives!

Pet Simulator X Diamond Mine Update Log

Mine Entrance

Travel to the new Diamond Mine through the cave entrance located at Spawn!

Diamond Mine

Time to mine all of the diamonds!

Dig through 3 of the new Diamond Mine areas: Paradise Cave, Cyber Cavern, Mystic Mine

Each area has specific unlock requirements from rank, unlocked area, and diamond cost.

However, the last area is ONLY available by releasing a HUGE pet to the wild!

Diamond Breakables

Throughout the entire mine, you may find Diamond Breakables.

Actively mining these breakables is the best way to earn diamonds!

Diamond Chest

There is a giant Diamond Chest in every mine!

Unlike normal, the chest is less efficient than mining for diamonds.

These chests are best used for earning diamonds while idle.

Diamond Loot Bags

Where there’s diamond breakables, there’s Diamond Loot Bags!

There is a chance for these bags to drop while breaking in the mine.

Get to collecting! These loot bags are packed full of diamonds!

Although, they’re so heavy that magnet doesn’t work on them.

Diamond Enchants

Even more ways to get diamonds!

Pets may now be enchanted with the following:

Diamond Bag Luck I to V: +5% to +25% Diamond Bag drop chance (Diamond Mine)
Diamond Bag Master: +5% chance to upgrade tier of Diamond Bags (Diamond Mine)
Multiplier Madness I to V: Pet earns +15% to 100% more Coins during random multipliers

Triple Diamonds Potion

For all the potion lovers out there, we’ve added Triple Diamonds Potion!

Activating this potion will grant 3x the diamond drops on all diamond breakables.

It’s super rare though, it won’t be dropping from loot bags or gifts.

Only available in the Exclusive Shop!

New Huge Easter Yeti

The Easter bunny delivered a brand new HUGE pet!

Head over to the Ribbon Egg to find the Huge Easter Yeti!

Only available for this week!

Huge Easter Yeti Value

Pet Celestial Rank

Are you there yet? Try to grind to the newest rank, Pet Celestial.

It’ll take some time if you’re behind, but you got this!

Crystal Exclusive Pets

Ooh! So very shinyy! Diamonds, gems, and CRYSTAL pets!

Introducing the newest Crystal Exclusive Egg!

Featuring the brand new TITANIC Mystic Corgi!

2 new HUGE pets – HUGE Amethyst Dragon and HUGE Redstone Cat!

Don’t miss out on the chance to hatch these limited edition pets!


Easter Continued

  • Easter is around for another week!
  • Enjoy the final week of the Easter area and egg hunt!
  • However, the Easter hatch chances were made a bit harder.

Fixed Breakable Stages

  • Breaking when you have very powerful pets has been fixed!
  • Previously if you tried to break an easy breakable with a strong pet, you would not get the 1st partial break rewards.

Buffed Diamond Cat

  • The Diamond Cat comes with diamond enchants now!
  • This pet is available in the best diamond pack!

Nerfed Comet Diamonds

  • As there are many new ways to earn diamonds, we’ve nerfed comets a bit to balance everything out.

Removed Bank Interest

  • The goal with the Diamond Mine was to introduce a fair way to get diamonds.
  • With that in mind, bank interest has been removed entirely.

Other Fixes

  • – Buffed hoverboard speed to be faster
  • – Added drag to unlock/lock in the inventory
  • – Added Sx suffix for Sextillion
  • – Fixed becoming bugged if you fall off the map
  • – Fixed direction of spawn pads to be outwards towards town
  • – Fixed shiny effect being behind the pet in mailbox, not above
  • – Fixed “Realms” showing at the bottom of teleport menu sometimes

Hooray for more ways to earn those precious and shiny diamonds! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team