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Pet Simulator X St. Patrick’s Event Changelog

St. Patrick’s Event

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! Happy St. Patrick’s week!

Launch into the new St. Patrick’s World with the cannon at the Town area.

Not Irish? Make sure to wear some green or ya may get pinched!

St. Patrick’s World

The leprechauns have been busy!

This festive world features 4 new areas.

To unlock 3 of the areas, quests must be completed!

St. Patrick’s Currency

You may find the new Clover Coin currency throughout the entire map!

Break anything, such as coins, to get the new green currency.

If you’re looking for more clover coins, break the pots and coin stacks!

St. Patrick’s Pets

Pinch me! 7 new pets are ready to be hatched!

Welcome to the 3 HUGE pets!

Huge Leprechaun Cat, Huge Clover Unicorn, and Huge Clover Dragon

Plus, the 5 St. Patrick’s pets! Including a SECRET!

Leprechaun Cat, Irish Corgi, Clover Fairy, Clover Axolotl, and SECRET Clover Unicorn

Huge Leprechaun Cat Value

Huge Leprechaun Cat

Huge Clover Unicorn Value

Huge Clover Unicorn

Huge Clover Dragon Value

Huge Clover Dragon

Leprechaun Cat Value

Leprechaun Cat

Clover Dragon Value

Clover Dragon

Clover Axolotl Value

Clover Axolotl

Clover Unicorn Value

Clover Unicorn

Clover Fairy Value

Clover Fairy

St. Patrick’s Eggs

In the St. Patrick’s world, there are 4 new eggs!

Looking for HUGE pets?
– Huge Leprechaun Cat is in every egg with different chances
– Huge Clover Unicorn is in the final area’s egg
– Huge Clover Dragon is ONLY in the Giant Rainbow Event egg

Remember, quests must be completed to unlock all!

Don’t waste time! Get hatching these limited time eggs.

Giant Rainbow Event

There’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

The GIANT Rainbow appears in the Town area every 4 hours.

Break through all 5 giant chests to get to the end of the rainbow.

You’ll have to work with others, but if you can make it, you’ll profit greatly!

The pot of gold at the end has an egg to hatch along with lots of clover coins.

This is the only way to get the Huge Clover Dragon!

Lucky Blocks

Feeling the luck of the Irish? Lucky blocks are back and spawning everywhere!

Find one, break it, and cross your fingers!

Lucky blocks drop pets, boosters, diamonds, and coins.

2x Luck Event

Luck is in the air this weekend!

Enjoy the 2x Luck event! Happy hatching!

Power Leaderboard

The Power Leaderboard is back!

Each leaderboard will now rotate between Power and RAP.

You may also select which leaderboard to see.

Misc Changes

Added RAP Range

Recent Auction Price is a real-time value which means it changes a lot.

We’ve changed the RAP value to show as a range to help better reflect this.

Disabled Titanic RAP

As Titanic pets weren’t often sold, the price was inaccurate.

We’ve disabled the Recent Auction Price of Titanics.

Added Drag to Huge Machine

Now dragging to select pets works when depositing and withdrawing pets from the bank!

This should make it much easier and faster to use the bank!

Moved Auction Board

The auction board has been moved down further.

This was done to make it easier to view, but not too far down so Titanics would block it.

Adjusted Shop Prices

The prices for Boosters, Dark Matter, and Instant Rank Up have been cut in half! Hooray!

Minor Fixes

– Fixed comets to gracefully go away in a cloud of smoke

– Fixed select all in mailbox to respect the search filter

– Fixed the background on common pets in the mailbox

– Fixed text stroke scaling on mobile on exclusive eggs

The leprechauns made us do it! ~ Preston & PSX Dev Team

Alex Escalante

Saturday 11th of March 2023

It’s hard for people who are free to play to get huge pets so make it easier or just give us one or make it easier to get a huge