Jackal Squad 5.6 Average 7.2 Good User Avg

Jackal Squad

Based on the iconic jackal jeep game from 1988, you'll be transported back in time to your childhood...

FarmVille 3 5.9 Average 6.4 Fair User Avg

FarmVille 3

FarmVille 3 allows you to build a successful animal farm from the bottom up by breeding animals and ...

PunBall 5.6 Average 6 Fair User Avg


PunBall tells the tale of a once-deserted continent, where Zeus was responsible for the birth of civ...

Mirage Perfect Skyline 5.8 Average 6.3 Fair User Avg

Mirage Perfect Skyline

Mirage Perfect Skyline is a new massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a gods and demon...

Wild Hunter Goddess 5.7 Average 7.2 Good User Avg

Wild Hunter Goddess

Wild Hunter Goddess is a fantasy MMO idle game with many transformations and a large number of chara...

Legend of Pandonia 5.7 Average 7.6 Good User Avg

Legend of Pandonia

Join the heroes of Legend of Pandonia on a fantasy role-playing adventure. Summon over 120 character...

Call of Antia 5.9 Average 7.3 Good User Avg

Call of Antia

Call of Antia is a match-3 role-playing game that is unlike any other. Battle, magic, and dragons ar...

Tales of Grimm 5.8 Average 6.6 Fair User Avg

Tales of Grimm

Tales of Grimm is an idle game developed by Tapplus that can be played while you're not doing anythi...

Chimeraland 5.9 Average 6.6 Fair User Avg


Level Infinite's Chimeraland is an open-world sandbox role-playing game. Discover the wonders of the...

5.2 Average 7.2 Good User Avg

Idle Apocalypse

Idle Apocalypse puts you in charge of a cult of maniacs, desperate to bring about the end of the wor...

5.9 Average 7 Good User Avg

Rage of Destiny

Rage of Destiny is an idle RPG by Fight legendary monsters in an immersive magical world wi...

Figure Fantasy 6.5 Fair 8.6 Great User Avg

Figure Fantasy

What happens when you put Toy Story together with a gacha game? You get Figure Fantasy! Collect figu...

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