Revived Witch Afallen Guide 2022 (May)

Revived Witch Afallen Guide
Doll Background

Backstory 1

As the Defender of Holiness, she has inherited the purest bloodline of the Sanctuary, succeeding her older brother Garditis as the gatekeeper.

Young as she is, she has been given the important task of expelling those outsiders who try to invade the Sanctuary.

However, she has no sense of responsibility at all. She prefers playing with flowers and small animals to doing the tedious work.

Therefore, she often leaves her post and sometimes even goes to the Lower Domain.

Backstory 2

Carrying a pillow around, she often lies down on the grass when tired of playing and quickly falls to sleep.

Even so, no one dares to approach her because anyone disturbing her slumber will be identified as an intruder and be hit straight at with the pillow.

Only her brother Garditis and sister Parfait can wake up her without being hit.

Backstory 3

She looks harmless, but in the eyes of the invaders, she is the unbreakable wall of the Sanctuary.

Any magic attacks will be instantly absorbed by her pillow, leaving her completely unharmed.

After that, to others’ surprise, this lovely girl, will just pat her beloved pillow, and continue to enjoy an afternoon of peaceful sleep.

Backstory 4

She likes eating lemon pie, which is sour but unexpectedly gaining popularity among the nobles while her sister Parfait fond of sweet taste hates this pie so much.

Due to the division of opinion, they fight a lot.

Afallen decides to offer the lemon pie to the Protector and takes this opportunity to determine the orthodox status of lemon pie in the Sanctuary.

Profile and Stats

Class: Guardian
Faction: Mercury
Gender: Female
Birthday: Sep. 12
Height: 135cm
Hobby: Slacking, sleeping, and playing

Hero Skills


Generates a shield equal to 24% of max Health and takes all damage dealt to allies within the next 10 seconds, during which Physical DEF and Magic DEF are increased by 54%, and for the first 2 seconds, she is immune to all damages.

Holy Radiance

Deals Magic DMG equal to 300% of ATK to all enemies, dispels their buffs, and reduces their Magic DEF by 40% of Afallen’s Magic DEF for 10s.

Light of the Sanctuary

Auto casts Holy Radiance once after taking damage 15 times.

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