Revived Witch Ella Guide 2022 (May)

Revived Witch Ella Guide
Doll Background

Backstory 1

The girl with a cute look is actually a descendant of an ancient tribe, who is about to celebrate her thousandth year.

She has been traveling around the human world for hundreds of years and thus accumulated much knowledge.

She usually presents herself as a human, not willing to ruin her cute image. Only when she is very angry will she change back to the appearance of a dragon.

Backstory 2

She likes playing pranks and observing the funny reactions humans make afterward.

She never complies with any human morality, and does things on her spontaneous whims.

Due to her eccentricity, she has no friends but Nocturna and Metamorphoses who are also quite strange.

Though strange in different ways, the three of them unexpectedly get along very well.

Backstory 3

As a dragon, Ella has survived for thousands of years but she hates people mentioning her age.

Perhaps she has grown accustomed to human society and its vanities regarding age.

Backstory 4

She used to live a secluded life with her clan.

When she told her parents that she wanted to leave the Dragon’s Lair to the outside world, her parents were in a rage.

“The outside is dangerous and humans are malicious. They have done anything to catch all ancient clans including us. We will never approve of your leaving.”

Despite her parents’ repeated warnings, Ella still left the Dragon’s Lair to the human world out of curiosity.

The bustling streets and the flow of people both made her excited.

She hid her dragon form and changed into a human girl, running to the brand-new world with glee.

Profile and Stats

Class: Destroyer
Rarity: UR
Faction: Saltstone
Gender: Female
Age: 988
Height: 140cm
Hobby: Pranks

Hero Skills

Scorching Breath

Deals Physical DMG equal to 240% of ATK to all enemies, dispels their buffs, reduces their ATK by 20% for 5s. When in Dragon form, also reduces their Physical DEF by 30% of Ella’s ATK for 10s.

Dragon Blood

Normal Attack deals damage to all enemies. Increases Ella’s damage dealt by 30% and her max Health by 50%.

Ancient Inheritance

Recovers 2.5% of max Health per second and reduces damage taken by 10%.

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