Revived Witch Amanami Guide 2021 (November)

Doll Background

Backstory 1

The princess of the Sunrise Island in the far east.

Her mother is the queen that rules over this land.

You can find the elegancy from her every move.

Backstory 2

Regarded as the successor of the Living God, she has been receiving an elite education from a young age. Study politics, etiquette, and various conjuring.

Backstory 3

Every year, she offers a dance at the Kami Festival. Spectators marvel at the softness and elegance of her dance “Seigaiha.”

It is said only the true successor can learn it.

The dance is like the ripples of a vast ocean. God’s grace is omnipresent and boundless, and as a successor, Talhae will combine the people’s prayers for peace and blessings for the future into the dance, and offer it to the God who blesses the land

Backstory 4

Although she is the enviable princess, privately she hates to be bound to the palace and wishes to go outside.

She often leans on the handrail and wonders: “What is the outside world like?”

Yet she is not permitted to have much contact with the outside, which makes her very distressed.

When her inner distress cannot be solved, she often practices dancing in the courtyard.

As Talhae starts dancing, all the red leaves fall from her head with the wind, as if they are retreating for knowing they could not compete with her beauty. People who see this scene are all filled with deep emotions.

Profile and Stats

Class: Compeller
Faction: Mercury
Age: 16
Birthday: Aug. 8
Height: 153cm
Hobby: Poetry and dance

Hero Skills

Radiant Wheel

Generates 1 Order Energy and heals all allies for 258% of ATK. Also increases all allies’ ATK by 15% for 10s.


Deals Magic DMG equal to 270% of ATK to all enemies and increases their Magic DMG taken by 30% for 10s.


Increases all allies’ damage dealt by 10% for 5s, up to 20%.

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