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Soda Simulator X Codes 2024 (May)

Here is our complete collection of active and working Roblox Soda Simulator X codes. Obtain free in-game Gems, Pets and Auto-Click Boosts!

Soda Simulator X Codes

Drinking chilled bottles of fizzy soda is a memory that many can relate to. While doing that in extreme heat was a source of joy and relief, the Soda Simulator X attempts to one-up that by introducing a unique shaking mechanic that lets you create and store bubbles. What do you do with those bubbles? You sell them to gain coins – lots of them. 

Once you’ve gathered sufficient coins, you can upgrade your abilities to have stronger shaking potential along with more bubbles and vice versa. The cycle repeats indefinitely until you run out of bottles to shake. While we can assure you that’s not plausible, it’s better if you take a peek at the shaking madness yourself. 

Did we mention that the game has pets as well? These pets are your main source of increments in bubble gain. Therefore, you will have to invest a significant amount of resources into them. Having said that, the game is generally simple to understand and play. 

Moreover, the dynamics and overall game appeal are pleasing, to say the least. Therefore, you certainly won’t be looking for any other game for a while. 

We have written this guide today to help you get your hands on some free in-game resources by using these Soda Simulator X Codes. So without further Ado let’s get started.

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Soda Simulator X codes

Updated July 11, 2022
Added one new code

Active codes:

This is a complete list of Soda Simulator X codes.

  • 16klikesamazing—Redeem this code and receive a Free Pet (New)
  • 2mparty—Redeem this code and receive a free Pet
  • 10klikeswow—Redeem this code and receive 10K Pet
  • 7klikestyy—Redeem this code and receive 7K Fox Pet
  • 5klikestyy—Redeem this code and receive 5K Kitty Pet
  • 500kvisitceleb—Redeem this code and receive a special Pet
  • 2klikeswowty—Redeem this code and receive 2K Dominus Pet
  • 1klikesyay—Redeem this code and receive 1K Champion Pet
  • 500likestyty—Redeem this code and receive free rewards
  • UPDATE3—Redeem this code and receive free rewards
  • BETA—Redeem this code and receive free rewards
  • 300likes—Redeem this code and receive an Auto-Click Boost
  • 100likesyay—Redeem this code and receive 500 Gems
  • TwitterRelease—Redeem this code and receive 5 minutes of Auto-Click

Expired codes:

  • There are currently no expired codes.

What are Soda Simulator X codes?

Soda Simulator X codes allow you to get free in-game items such as Pets, Gems, and Boosts. These codes are released by the developers to give back to the community.

How to redeem Soda Simulator X codes

To redeem your Soda Simulator X codes follow the below-mentioned steps:

Soda Simulator X Codes
  • On your game’s main screen click on the code button on the right side of your screen.
  • Now copy the code in the Codes text box.
  • Lastly, press Redeem and you will be good to go.

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