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Upcoming Gacha Games 2022 (December)

This is a list of upcoming gacha games set to be released in November 2021.

The games with “November TBA” as the date are not 100% confirmed, however it’s likely they’ll be released this month.

Upcoming Gacha Games – November 2021

You can filter this list by region.

Tales of LuminariaNovember 3, 2021Global
Lineage WNovember 4, 2021Global
Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster MobileNovember 10, 2021Global
Revived Witch
November 10, 2021Global
Ragnarok OriginNovember 10, 2021North America
Gran Saga
November 18, 2021Japan
N-InnocenceNovember 24, 2021Japan
Blue ArchiveNovember TBAGlobal
Seven Knights 2November TBAGlobal
Final Fantasy VII The First SoldierNovember TBAGlobal
Figure FantasyNovember TBAGlobal

Gacha Games Releases – October 2021

You can filter this list by region.

D_CIDE TRAUMEREIOctober 1, 2021Japan
Reverse BraveOctober 1, 2021Japan
Undead World: Hero SurvivalOctober 1, 2021Global
Final Gear (OBT)October 1, 2021Global
Spin BurstOctober 2, 2021Global
LUTIE SAGAOctober 2, 2021South Korea
Counter KnightsOctober 3, 2021Global
Code Geass: Genesic Re;CodeOctober 4, 2021Japan
Castle Craft: World WarOctober 5, 2021Global
Mythic HeroesOctober 7, 2021Global
Hearthstone MercenariesOctober 12, 2021Global
Botworld AdventureOctober 13, 2021Global
Digimon New CenturyOctober 13, 2021China
Deep Insanity AsylumOctober 14, 2021Japan
Monark (モナーク)October 14, 2021Japan
Dungeon EncountersOctober 14, 2021Japan
Bakuretsu MajouOctober 15, 2021China
Elyon (F2P Launch)October 20, 2021Global
Manasis RefrainOctober 21, 2021Japan
Gate of Nightmares October 26, 2021Japan
Yoko Taro's Voice Of CardsOctober 28, 2021Global
Eternal Saga: Region TacticsOctober TBAGlobal
Idle LegionsOctober TBAGlobal
League of PantheonsOctober TBAGlobal
Sprite FantasiaOctober TBAGlobal

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Monday 15th of November 2021

You forgot Isekai Memories