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Nuwa – The Creator Deity

This is a guide for Nuwa - The Creator Deity in Mythic Heroes.

Lucifer – The High Seraphim

This is a guide for Lucifer - The High Seraphim in Mythic Heroes.

How to Download & Play Mythic Heroes on PC & Phone

Mythic Heroes is currently only available to download and play in a select few countries as a “...

Mythic Heroes Trials of Ascension Guide

The Trials of Ascension are a set of boss encounters that can each be challenged 3 times a day. Each...

Tier Lists

Mythic Heroes Tier List

This is a tier list for SSR & UR heroes. Updated for September 2021 (pre-global release). It does not include SR heroes as these are generally considered to...

Olympus: Idle Legends Tier List

This is a guide for the best S-ranked heroes to pick in Olympus: Idle Legends. Rating each hero from best to worst.

Valor Legends: Eternity Tier List

This is a tier list for Legendary heroes in Valor Legends: Eternity. Classes There are 5 different classes in the game, and each class belongs to a certain type...

Dislyte Tier List

Dislyte is a brand new stylish RPG from Lilith Games, the creators of AFK Arena. The game is currently in beta, and is available to download and play in a limit...

Redeem Codes

Mythic Heroes Codes

Mythic Heroes is a brand new idle RPG coming to mobile soon! It’s currently released in a limited amount of countries, but a global release is on the hori...

I Am Hero Redemption Codes

I Am Hero is an idle RPG by Imba Games. It plays out in a similar fashion to games such as AFK Arena, where you accumulate rewards on a timed basis. Free reward...

Purrfect Tale Redemption Codes

Purrfect Tale is a casual roleplaying mobile game by BadMouth. The game centres around a student (you) that meets a stray cat. Your main goal is to look after t...

Olympus: Idle Legends Gift Codes

Olympus: Idle Legends has an option to redeem codes for free in-game rewards! Active Codes Here’s a list of all active codes. LaunchX21 Rewards: 100K Gold...

Minecraft Guides

How to Build a Ship in Minecraft

Building a ship in minecraft can be one of the most difficult things to build. Their rounded shapes are very difficult to recreate with large blocks, without ma...

Minecraft Furnace Fuels

A guide on minecraft brewing with an easy list of all recipes.

How to Farm Pumpkins and Melons in Minecraft

Learn how to farm melons and how to farm pumpkins as efficiently as possible.

How to Build Circles in Minecraft

Learn how to build circles in Minecraft with these instructions and examples.

Minecraft Blocks

Information on all the minecraft blocks available.

How to Make Minecraft Texture Packs

A minecraft texture pack is a great way to customize the look and feel of your minecraft world, but it also allows you to create various tricks and hidden items...

How to Farm Diamonds in Minecraft

Learn how to find diamonds and how to mine them efficiently.

How to Build a Windmill in Minecraft

Learn how to build a great looking windmill in Minecraft.

Latest Games Added

Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG

Dark forces threaten the fate of the world, but you are not alone! Summon an arm...

I Am Hero: AFK Tactical Teamfight

I Am Hero presents unique gameplay with the combination of idle RPG elements wit...

5.4 Average

Purrfect Tale

When you awake, you were transported back to the time when you were a student. Y...

5.7 Average

Olympus: Idle Legends

Olympus: Idle Legends features auto turn-based idle card gameplay. You can colle...

5.6 Average


Humans are long gone. Will your lumberpunk beavers do any better? A city-buildin...

7.5 Good