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Star Rift (Any Color) Value in Anime Defenders

Anime Defenders
Star Rift (Any Color)

Value: 100

Star Rift (Any Color) is a tradable Item that can be obtained in Anime Defenders.

Unit Value

The current trading value of Star Rift (Any Color) is 100 gems. The player demand for it is 8/10, and the price stability is Stable.

Use our Trade Calculator tool to compare the value of Star Rift (Any Color) with other items and units. We also have a complete Anime Defenders value list that shows the values for every unit and item in the game.

How are the values calculated?

We base our Anime Defenders values on various different metrics. Each unit is valued based on their current gem trading price.

The metrics include:

  • How powerful is the unit?
  • How rare is the unit to obtain?
  • How much did it originally cost?
  • How much demand is there from players for it?
  • Anime Defenders Trading Discord data.
  • The opinions of experienced traders and players.

Unit Rarities

There are five different unit rarities in Anime Defenders:

  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Yellow)
  • Mythic (Rainbow)
  • Secret (Red)

Each unit also has a small chance to be Shiny as well.