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Best Demon Build in Evil Dead: The Game 2022 (June)

Find out what’s the best demon build in Evil Dead: The Game!

Evil Dead is back from the grave and with it, all your beloved demons have been resurrected as well. Evil Dead: The Game is the latest addition to the franchise and it features a plethora of demons and survivors from the Evil Dead universe.

Having said that, Today we will be focusing more on the Demon class and help you find the best demon build in the game. Before we dive into the build you need to know there are three demons in the game i.e Warlords, Puppeteers, and Necromancer respectively.

Best Demon Build in Evil Dead: The Game

Even though all the Demons have different playstyles, we have deduced that Necromancer if played right is the strongest one of the bunch. With that said, if you want to utilize this build you will have to spend a lot of time and resources on your Skeletons.

In this Guide, we will be listing down all the necessary steps that will be required to make the strongest Demon build in Evil Dead: The Game.

Normal Skeletons are Better than Elite ones

Best Demon Build in Evil Dead: The Game

First thing first, if you want this build to work you need to understand that if played right normal units can be as strong as the elite ones. However, to achieve this you will need to equip certain skills from your skill tree.

Setting up your Skill Tree/Path

When players first start the game most of them have zero ideas about how the skill tree works. Therefore, most of them end up putting points on the wrong skill. However,  if you want this build to work, you will need to follow the below-mentioned skill path.

Flute to kill

Best Demon Build in Evil Dead: The Game

This melodious flute man is a must if you want to take full advantage of your Skeletons. By opting for this skill, all of your Skeletons increase their damage by 70 percent and decrease the incoming damage by 30.

The cooldown for this ability is 75 seconds while the flute man itself stays on the map for 90. Meaning, that you can spawn two of these bad boys at the same time. However, do keep in mind that you can’t stack their effects.

Note: Once you reach Level 25, you will unlock Motivational Music that will increase your damage dealt by 90 percent and reduce damage taken by 50 percent.

Quick Charge Demonic Dash

The Quick Demonic Dash is a perk that allows you to deal a ton of damage early in the game. Therefore, having this is a necessity. Once you open this perk, you will be able to collect a good amount of Infernal energy early on.

Note: Even though this build doesn’t require a lot of Infernal Energy, having it early in the game will always benefit you.

Louder War Cry

The cry deals AOE damage while flinching the enemies around you. By putting more points in this perk you can increase the war cry radius. This means in sticky situations this ability can easily be used as a get out of jail card for you.

Portal Authority Basics

Best Demon Build in Evil Dead: The Game

This ability allows you to reduce your Infernal Energy consumption while summoning your basic units. As this build revolves around strengthing the basic units you can’t afford to miss out on this. Therefore, we highly recommend that you put a few points into this perk. 

The aforementioned skills and perks are the ones that are necessary for this build to work. As for the rest of the perks, you can customize your build in whatever manner suits your playstyle.


And that’s all we have for the best demon build in Evil Dead: The Game. In essence, the Necromancer class is very simple once you get used to them. However, knowing what buffs you need and what buffs you don’t can create the entire difference. We hope this guide will help you understand the necromancer class better, so you can haunt your enemies with ease.

Evil Dead: The Game is available to play on PS4/5, Xbox One/X/S, and PC.

You can buy the game on the Epic Games store page here.

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