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Blade Lineage Salsu Sinclair – Limbus Company

Welcome to our Blade Lineage Salsu Sinclair Limbus Company guide. This is an Identity for the sinner Emil Sinclair, and is a 000 rarity ID. It was released with the launch of the game on February 27, 2023.

Tier List rating: S

Blade Lineage Salsu Sinclair - Limbus Company

Blade Lineage Salsu


Even with the volatile nature of human growth around his age taken into consideration, this sinner seems to get particularly startled or frown when spoken to. He isn’t used to real combat at the moment, meaning that he may struggle to keep himself together at the sight of something as mild as spilt innards at first. As there may be those with violent tendencies among your crew, we recommend taking an approach focused on positive reinforcement with this sinner. He appears to possess a murderous gaze that he himself isn’t aware of; this is a hopeful sign that he has the potential to grow into an expert of our company’s profession with the right stimuli.


Gluttony x3, Wrath x2, Pride x1


Max HP: 172
Speed Range: 2-5
Defense: 33
Slash RES: Ineffective
Pierce RES: Fatal
Blunt RES: Normal


Slice then Stab
Affinity: Gluttony | Type: Pierce | Coins: 2 | Coin Power: +1
Effect: [On Hit] Gain +2 Poise count.

Slash Series
Affinity: Wrath | Type: Slash | Coins: 3 | Coin Power: +1

[Clash Lose] Gain 2 Attack Power Up next turn.
[On Hit] Gain 2 Poise.
[On Hit] Gain 1 Poise.
[On Hit] Gain 2 Poise.

To Claim Their Bones
Affinity: Pride | Type: Slash | Coins: 1 | Coin Power: +14

[On Hit] Inflict 5 Paralysis.
[On Hit] Inflict 3 Bleed.


Effect: The last coin on the last skill in the chain deals +(2x Pride Res.)% damage.

Bloodied Hands
Effect: 1 ally with the lowest speed gains +1 final power for their last skill.

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And that was our complete guide to Blade Lineage Salsu Sinclair in Limbus Company. If you’re looking for more information about the game, check out the official Limbus Company website.