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Bladee Value

Bladee Value

Bladee Value

(N) Gem Value: 💎9T
(N) Demand: 7/10

What is Bladee?

Bladee is an Exclusive pet that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X. It was released with the Halloween 2022 event. It was named after the famous Swedish rapper Bladee.

How much is Bladee worth in Pet Simulator X?

The current Bladee value is estimated to be around 9T diamonds.

How to get Bladee in Pet Simulator X?

Bladee was made for IDHAU (ID0ntHaveAUse), the developer of Murder Mystery 2 on Roblox, presumably as a gift from Preston, the main developer of Pet Simulator X.

There were only 18 of them added to the game, and IDHAU was given all of them. This makes the pet essentially impossible to obtain unless IDHAU decides to trade them to others at some point.

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