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Blue Archive Hibiki Wiki Guide 2022 (December)

Nekozuka Hibiki (猫塚ヒビキ) is one of the students studying in Millennium Science School who wields a Mortar Launcher. She’s a member of the Engineering Club.

Hibiki is socially inept and inarticulate compared to other students, but is a prolific inventor due to her innate talent for engineering. Her inventions are considered to be flawless masterpieces, but they often come equipped with baffling and obscure functions.


Hibiki is a very strong damage support. Her EX skill is relatively low cost and yet can easily clear entire enemy waves, and she also provides what is effectively a teamwide damage buff for a sub skill (albeit one that predicates on you critting first). Her normal skill has a decently sized AoE so it will often hit multiple enemies, and is also good for breaking enemy cover.

Skill level priority: Sub skill -> Normal skill -> Passive skill


Hibiki’s halo is a small yellow barred circle inside another larger two circle which the outer circle is thicker than the inner circle.

She has black wavy hair tied in ponytail on her right side with yellow and purple orb connected to a band and engineering googles hanging on her forehead. She has black floppy dog ears, black tail with white tip and gray eyes.

She wears a white and yellow hoodie, a black and gray tank top and short pants underneath, webbed stockings and black boots with Millennium logo on the rim and soleprint.

She also carries two handcarries, a schoolbag with a sling for her tools and an oversized crate for her missiles.

She utilized a silver light mortar cannon with sling, a cork to cover its barrel and Millennium logo on the loading hatch. The mortar itself launched white and yellow missiles a size of a thermos.

How to Obtain Hibiki?

She can be obtained from the Regular Gacha pool.


Combat Class: Special
School: Millennium
Role: Attacker/Back
Damage Type: Explosive
Armor Type: Heavy[


  • Full Name: Nekozuka Hibiki (猫塚 ヒビキ)
  • Age: 15
  • Birthday: April 2
  • Height: 154cm
  • Hobbies: Shopping, cosplay
  • Illustrator: ミミトケ (Mimitoke)
  • Voice: Nazuka Kaori


  • MT
  • Hat
  • Hairpin
  • Watch

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