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Blue Archive Iori Wiki Guide 2022 (December)

Shiromi Iori (銀鏡イオリ) is one of the students studying in the Gehenna Academy. She wields a Sniper Rifle and is a Striker. Iori is a member of the Disciplinary Committee.

The ruthless specialist in the Disciplinary Committee for Gehenna Academy. As the captain of its assault corps, she immediately punishes students who violate the rules with overwhelming force when she finds them.

While she may be quick-witted, good at her job, and possessing a decent sense of combat, but also reckless, prone to losing sight of her surroundings once she spots an enemy, which makes it easy for her to fall even simple pitfall traps.


An extremely powerful unit. Not only does her EX skill cost a laughably low amount, it has a high multiplier on every shot and also does AoE damage to targets behind the initial one. This allows her to both boss and waveclear effectively. Her sub skill synergizes perfectly with her EX as well due to the fact that her EX skill forces her to leave cover. Her only weakness is that being a sniper she tends to overkill enemies and that her EX has a rather long animation.

Skill level priority: Sub skill -> Normal skill -> Passive skill


Her halo is grey colored with two circles with smaller one is crossed with three points forming a triangular shape, forming a crosshair.

She has long silver hair tied with black bows in twin tails with bangs covered her left eye. She has bright red eyes, dark skin, pointy ears and a black devil’s tail.

She wears a white collared uniform shirt with cuffed black and white striped ends and a black tie with two white arrow stripes, a rose gold pin with loose tassels on her breast and red military armband on her left sleeve.

She wears a black corset with gold buttons, a long flowing skirt with a knee-high black stockings and pointy laced black boots.

She utilize a dark red Karabiner 98k rifle with black added on spikes to the stock.

How to Obtain Iori?

She can be obtained from the Regular Gacha pool and Hard Missions 14-3.


  • Combat Class: Striker
  • School: Gehenna
  • Role: Attacker/Back
  • Damage Type: Penetration
  • Armor Type: Heavy
  • Combat Class: Striker


  • Full Name: Shiromi Iori (銀鏡 イオリ)
  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: November 8
  • Height: 157cm
  • Hobbies: Patrolling, raising her voice
  • Illustrator: Mx2j
  • Voice: Sakura Ayane


  • MT
  • Hat
  • Hairpin
  • Watch

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