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Corrupted Cameraman Value in Toilet Tower Defense

Corrupted Cameraman Value in Toilet Tower Defense

Corrupted Cameraman


What is Corrupted Cameraman?

Corrupted Cameraman is a Mythic unit that can be obtained in Toilet Tower Defense. It has a 0.1% chance of being obtained from a Scary Crate. It is currently the rarest unit in the game.

With a high damage output relative to its cost, it excels in the mid and late-game. At level 1, it delivers a mighty 2,000 DPS for just $500 – an exceptionally cost-efficient ratio.

However, the Corrupted Cameraman lacks area-of-effect abilities. It focuses its damage on single targets, which can be problematic when facing swarms of weak enemies. Having a supplementary unit with AoE attacks or one that prioritizes the weakest targets helps mitigate this weakness.

Overall, the Corrupted Cameraman punches far above its weight class in terms of damage per dollar spent. It remains a viable option even in the late game, though some tactical considerations are required to fully utilize its single-target devastation against hordes of foes. With the right complementary units, the Corrupted Cameraman’s tremendous damage potential can be fully realized.

How much is Corrupted Cameraman worth in TTD?

The current Corrupted Cameraman value is 15k gems. The price stability is Stable.


Unit Stats

Lvl Cost DMG CD DPS Range Sell Price Dps /$
1 $500 2000 1 s 2,000 15 $250 4.0 /$
2 $500 3000 1s 3,000 18 $500 3.0 /$
3 $1,000 4000 1s 4,000 20 $1,000 2.0 / $
4 $2,000 2500 0.5s 5,000 40 $2,000 2.5 /$
5 $4,000 2500 0.25s 10,000 45 $4,000 2.5 /$
6 $7,000 3000 0.2s 15,000 48 $7,500 2.0 /$
7 $ 10,000 5000 0.2 s 25,000 50 $12,500 2.0 /$

How are the Toilet Tower Defense values calculated?

The current Corrupted Cameraman value was calculated by top Toilet Tower Defense players and is regularly updated. It’s based on the unit’s original cost, current player demand, rarity, and in-game power.

Remember that the values are largely opinion-based; ultimately, a unit is only worth as much as you want to pay for it. If you’re looking for the complete list of best units in TTD, check out our Toilet Tower Defense tier list page.

Are you looking for a complete list of values instead? We’ve also got an up-to-date Toilet Tower Defense value list that lists the price of each unit in the game.


What are signed units worth in Toilet Tower Defense?

Units in Toilet Tower Defense can be signed by other players. However, only the games’ developers or specially assigned partners (YouTubers, etc.) can sign them.

A unit signed by a Toilet Tower Defense official partner can increase in value by 150. It depends on who signed it. More popular YouTubers will garner a higher price.

A unit signed by a Toilet Tower Defense developer can increase in value by 500 – 1,000.

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