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Crossing Void Beginner’s Guide 2022 (August)

Crossing Void is a mobile “gacha” game. The premise of it is that you collect heroes and fight with them. The niche of Crossing Void is in the name, as heroes have special “Cross” skills that can only be activated when they are paired together on a team.


There are two types of characters in Crossing Void; Main & Support. The main hero will be on the battlefield, while the support hero will back them up from the sidelines.

Mains can only be paired with Supports and vice-versa.

Certain heroes can have both a main and support version of them, but not every hero can.

There are differences between the versions, for example, they might have different Crossing Skill partners or skills. This can be important to remember, as the main version might have something important such as a dispel, but the support doesn’t.


There are 4 different rarities of each hero:

  • S (Highest)
  • A
  • B
  • C (Lowest)

The main way to obtain higher rarities of a hero is by simply using the gacha system and praying to lady luck.

Heroes can also be upgraded by shuffling their talents, however, the chance of it happening is fairly small.


Characters can be upgraded by increasing their star level. This requires certain items that are obtained from the story.

Increasing the stars on a character will unlock more skills upgrades to existing ones. They will also gain basic stats.


Talents are basically extra stats and one exclusive ability. The amount a character can have depends on their rarity. A single character can have a maximum of 4 talents at S rarity.

Only mains can have an extra ability as one of the talents, supports will just have 4 basic stat talents. S rank mains will unlock the ability instantly, but any rarity below that will have to shuffle to obtain it.

They can be changed by “shuffling” them., which costs character fragments obtained from dismantling extra copies or by using special fragments.

Fragments of a certain character can be used to shuffle any version of that character, regardless of whether they are main or support.


Each character has 4 equipment slots. Gear can drop from story stages and the treasure hunt challenge. It can be upgraded with special experience items that can be acquired either by dismantling equipment or completing treasure hunts.


Skills can be unlocked on characters by upgrading their star level. They can then be leveled with coins.

Every character also has one or more special “Cross Skills” that are activated by pairing specific main and support heroes together.


You gain account and character experience by doing certain activities in-game, such as completing story stages etc. Heroes are capped at your account level, so it’s important to raise it as a priority.

Characters can also be leveled individually by using items on them.

Obtaining Characters

The main source of characters comes from using the gacha feature.

There’s 3 gachas:

  • Normal has the same basic rates for all heroes. Available all of the time.
  • Drop Rate UP is a special banner gacha that has a pity system for specific heroes. After 91 attempts you’re guaranteed to obtain it. This gacha is rotated regularly with different characters.
  • Limited is the same as Drop Rate UP, however the specific hero can only be obtained from this gacha. It’s rotated just like the Drop Rate UP gacha, however there will be gaps when it isn’t available.


There’s 4 different types of currency in Crossing Void: Energy, Gold, Free Maigo & Premium Maigo.

Gold – This is mostly used to upgrade skills, equipment and to buy the level packs.
Energy – Most battles in the game require energy to do. You’ll get one energy for free every 7.5 minutes. It can be refilled with Maigo 4 times a day.
Free Maigo – This is rewarded from daily missions, events and certain game modes. Cannot buy most of event packs with it.
Premium Maigo – This must be purchased with real money.


Combat in Crossing Void is turn-based. It’s easy to learn, but there is definitely enough depth to keep you on your toes.

The pair of heroes that attacks first is based entirely on their combined speed stat. It’s possible for all 3 pairs of your heroes to attack first if their speed is higher than the enemies.

Combat Skills

There’s 5 possible skills that can be used in combat.

Main characters have 3 skills they can use, 2 normal ones and a special climax skill. The climax can only be used once per battle.

Support characters have 1 skill they can use.

A Cross Skill can also be used if the pair of heroes that you’re using has one to activate.

It should be noted that you can only use one skill per pair of heroes each turn, they don’t get to attack twice.

Buffs & Debuffs

Buffs and debuffs are a very important aspect of combat in Crossing Void. The difference winning and losing can come down to a simple dispel or cleanse.

Blue Buff = Can be dispelled from enemies.
Red Debuff = Can be Cleansed from allies.
Yellow Buff/Debuff = Cannot be dispelled.