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Early Sakura Ookuninushi Wiki Guide: Best Build & Team [Aether Gazer]

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Early Sakura Ookuninushi

  • Aether Gazer Tier List Rank: A
  • Element: Physical
  • Resource: Rage
  • Gen-zone: Shinou

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Profile

The girl who joined the Eye of Deep Space on the condition of “conducting free research and invention” works in the Cryptography Group.

  • Height: 144cm
  • Weight: 41kg
  • Birthday: June 6
  • Likes: Tarot cards, scientific research

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Build

Early Sakura Ookuninushi is very good to have at the start of the game. She’s easy to understand with high-skill multipliers. This makes her quite powerful in the early stages, but due to her simple skill design and most of her damage relying on her Skill 3 (which can be difficult to hit all the damage on mobile bosses), she becomes more of a support in the late game.

For the Shinou team comp and Rage team comp, she is a powerful support modifier. If she wants to be the main carry, it’s better to have her signature functor, or else she is not good enough.

Her Rage recovery greatly helps Shinou Tsukuyomi. With Ryugiri Kagutsuchi, she can form the Shinou team comp to further increase the team’s damage.

The DPS Aether code build can help her Skill 1 draw and keep 2 buffs consistently and have a 22% crit rate. This is the best Aether code build for her.

[Road to Nenokuni – Shuffle] increases her support capability, but it is limited.

Tip: Because player-controlled modifiers draw the most aggro, setting her on auto can be 1000% better compared to player controlled.

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Early Sakura Ookuninushi Best Aether Codes

  • DPS: 1 Blue, 1 Yellow, 1 Red Aether code
  • Support: Road to Nenokuni – Shuffle

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Best Team

Shinou Team:

  • Shinri Tsukuyomi
  • Jie-ei Kuninotokotachi

Main Carry:

  • Dark Mistletoe Hodur
  • Rahu Asura

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Best Sigils

  • Coming soon

Early Sakura Ookuninushi Skills

Basic – BunBun Iron Fist

  • Summons Rabbit Iron Fist to attack enemies, dealing 194% (Max: 342.8%) Physical DMG.
  • Rage: Gain rage.when landing Basic attacks.

Skill 1 – Divination 12s CD

  • Draw tarot cards to gain a divination effect, lasting 15s. If the drawn tarot card is different from the last, card effect is strengthened by 50%.
  • Death: Increase ATK by 13% (Max: 24.7%).
  • Chariot: Gain 7 Rage every 2s.
  • Lovers: Recover 6% (Max: 13.8%) of ATK as HP every 3s.

Skill 2 – BunBun Cannon 15s CD 40 Rage

  • Fire Rabbit Mk.2 to attack enemies, dealing 448% (Max: 896%) Physical DMG, ricocheting on hit, dealing an additional 192% (Max: 384%) Physical DMG to at most 5 nearby enemies.

Skill 3 – BunBun Gunner 15s CD 60 Rage

  • Jump up and deal 1024% (Max: 2051.8%) Physical DMG to enemies in a circular area.

Dodge Skill – Predictive Algorithms

  • Dodge effect: Enters Zero Time for 3 seconds.

Ultimate – Deus ex Machina 20s CD

  • Summon Rabbit Mk.3 to descend from the heavens, dealing 840% (Max: 1680%) AOE Physical DMG, instantly resetting Skill 3’s CD, and reduce all team members’ Skill 3 CD by 5s.
  • When self or teammates cast Ultimate, obtain a set amount of Ultimate charge.

Ultimate Skillchain – Moon Rabbit Strike

Characters: A Hodur & S Ookuninushi

  • Deal 840% + (21.54% x S Ookuninushi’s Ultimate Skill level) Physical DMG, 840% + (21.54% x A Hodur’s Ultimate Skill level) Shadow DMG, restoring 30 Rage for the whole team, resetting Skill 3’s CD; and obtain A Hodur’s max Passive bonus for the next 12s.

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Early Sakura Ookuninushi Aether Codes (Skill Tree)


  • God of Death: For the duration of any Skill 1 effects, Basic attacks will apply the “Armor Break” status to enemies hit, reducing their DEF by 10%, lasts 3s.
  • Prophecy: Skill 2 can transmit the “Armor Break” status onto other enemies, and will extend any “Armor Break” status to 10s if the remaining time is less than 10s.
  • BunBun: When Skill 3 hits targets under the ”Armor Break“ status, its DMG is increased by 35%.

Road to Nenokuni

  • Star Link: In combat, Skill 1’s effect is extended by 5s.
  • Reveal: Under the effects of Skill 1, self Crit Rate increased by 22%.
  • Shuffle: Skill 1’s effects will now affect the whole team, but the effectiveness on teammates is reduced by 50%.

Kunitama of Izumo

  • Destiny: In combat, Skill 1’s CD is reduced by 3s.
  • Judgment: The tarot cards drawn from Skill 1 are now completely random, but their effects are increased by 60%.
  • Forecast: For 5s after casting Skill 1, the next Skill’s Crit Rate is increased by 50%.

Aether Gazer was developed by Yostar Games and is available to play for free on the Google Play Store.