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Exos Heroes Beginner’s Guide 2022 (October)

New to Exos Heroes? Here’s a comprehensive guide to the basics of the game.



Combat in Exos Heroes is turn based and fairly straight forward. Auto mode can be used as well.

Battles consist of teams with 5 heroes each.

There are 4 formations that can be chosen for a team.


Every hero in a battle belongs to a specific element. There are 6 of them in total: Frost, Fire, Nature, Machine, Light & Dark.

Heroes can also have “Guardian Stones” with an element (it can be rerolled by spending 100 Xes).

A guardian stone can be broken by attacking it with a hero that matches the same element.

Once all stones have been removed, the enemy hero will be stunned for 7 turns and take double final damage. They will also suffer an additional effect, depending on the element.

Enemy guardian stones will appear next to their health bar and will be glowing if you have a hero that can attack it with the same element.



Gold is a limited currency and very important for progression in Exos Heroes. It can be used for many different things, such as upgrading gear and heroes.

The main source of gold comes from two challenges — Ancient Gold Mine and Shelter of Avarice.

It can also be acquired from selling 1* & 2* heroes. Make sure to transcend one of each of those heroes to +5 before selling duplicates though, as the achievement from doing this rewards Xes.

Try to avoid Fusing heroes with gold, it has the least benefit for your progress.


This is the premium currency of the game. It can be used for a variety of different things, including summoning heroes and gear.

The most optimal use of Xes is usually the fatecore banner when there is a strong hero on it. The String of Creation can also be really good as well if you want to target a specific hero, however you can get pretty unlucky. Premium summons with making use of the mileage is also a good option.

Using it to change a heroes element is good as well

The only thing you generally should never do with Xes is to summon gear. This can be acquired from challenges.

The best source of Xes (apart from buying it) is from completing the main story and achievements. Once you’re done with the story, you can also go back and 3* each level for extra Xes.

Powder of Light

This can be obtained from dissembling gear and heroes. It can then be spent at the Exchange shop, located in the Airship.

A good tactic is to disassemble all Rare (Blue) and lower gear, then purchase Legendary (Purple) gear from the Exchange shop.

Heroes should generally never be disassembled, as selling them for gold is more lucrative.



The main source of obtaining heroes is through recruitment banners.

Fatecore Chance Increase

This is the best source of Fatecores. It is a limited event and has an extra pity system called mileage that will mean you’re guaranteed to get the hero after a certain 19×11 pulls.

Premium Recruitment

This is the regularly banner for heroes. It’s always up and has a basic mileage pity system. 11 pulls = 10 Points. 100 Points = one free fated hero.

Free Recruit

Free hero every 24 hours.

String of Creation

This is a special permanent banner that unlocks after chapter 4.

You can choose one fatecore hero and it will be added to a pool of mostly useless heroes, there are some fated ones however.

Each time a hero is recruited (some have duplicates) it is removed from the pool

This means that eventually the fatecore hero will be guaranteed to get summoned. However, if unlucky it could cost up to 35k Xes.

There’s no additional mileage system for it though, so only use this if you want to target a powerful hero like Bathory and already have a solid lineup for the story and PvP.


Duplicate heroes can either be sold for gold or dissembled. Dissembling them will reward Powder of Light, which can used in the Exchange shop.

For most players, and certainly new ones it’s generally best to sell heroes instead of dissembling them as gold is extremely useful and has limited sources.

Hero Blessing

When is a hero reaches level 75 and is enhanced to +5, it can be then “Blessed”.

This will make it a 6* and expand the level cap of the hero to 90 and unlock a unique name.

Unfortunately this requires certain materials and stones that are quite rare to obtain, even from the hardest challenges in the game. They can however also be acquired from certain premium packs.


A fatecore is basically an enhanced skin for a hero. It can grant them new skills and increase their stats. Fatecores can be acquired through summon banners, and obtaining a fatecore will also reward the original hero as well.

There are 3 different kinds of fatecore:

Orange – Mainly adds a few extra stats and are themed. These fatecore are usually free and mostly come from events.

Black – Upgrades the original hero, sometimes adding new passive skills.

Gold – These fatecores change the hero completely, including looks and skills. Very rare to obtain, and usually only from special featured banners.

They can also be upgraded up to 30 times using gold and materials from fatecore banners or duplicates. Upgrading can have a chance to fail after a certain point.

Daily Chores


This is the “dailies” aspect of the game. Completing challenges is the main source of almost everything, including Gold, EXP & Gear.

On certain days, some challenges will require specific elements or heroes. This means that obtaining and leveling a variety of different 3* & 4* heroes is very useful for progress.


Heroes can be dispatched from the Airship. Dispatches are basically timed missions that you can send off a team of heroes to complete them for rewards. The heroes can still be used for other activities.

As with the challenges, sometimes certain missions require conditions to be met for it to be completed.

Stronger powered teams will grant better rewards, so keeping a roster of 4* legendary heroes is useful.