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Final Gear Quiz Answers 2022 (October)

Struggling with the Final Gear quiz answers or just want to maximize your daily rewards? Luckily, we’ve got a complete list of all the answers just for you! Don’t worry though, we won’t tell anyone that you’re a cheater.

How to Access the Final Gear Trivia Quiz?

Expand the menu on the main screen and tap on “HoF” and then the “Quiz” button.

Note: it’s only unlocked after clearing chapter 2-3

Final Gear Quiz Answers

This is a list of all known questions and answers for the quiz. If you’ve seen one that’s missing, let us know in the comments and we’ll add it ASAP!

You can click on the table header to sort it alphabetically, which might make it slightly easier to find the question you’re looking for.

What not included in Aya Kujyou's hobbies?Swordplay
What is not included in the tasks of Favia's sqaud?Sweeping
In which are has Yougui shown an incredible talent?Music
Why does Dolores dislike fighting?to avoid dirtying her outfits
Where was Bernadette transferred as a bodyguard?Devil's Order
What does Kobaryashi Dango hate?Eating without drinking water
Where did Nova emerge from?Corbero
What does Murasaki hate?Cockroach
What is Sinori's height?130cm
Who is the captain of "Health and Happiness Sisterhood"?Flavia
What is Patty's special talent?Photographic memory
What is the name of the organization established by Alexa?Shapeshifter
What happened to Cynthia's sister?She was Seriously ill
What family does Sumora belong to?Designer's Family
Who is the captain of "Special Forces Arcana"?Leangle
What did Viorate use to be?A slave in Kegha
What did Taysia use to be?An aristocrat
What creature is Evelynn?AI
What is Rebelika's nickname?Valkyrie
What is your relationship between Akari Onikage?Half brother and sister
What does α-16 dislike?Routine maintenance
What is Rinbell's prefer to research?Hybridization
What is Miroa's official position?Minister of Intelligence
When did Margaret become a knight of gaurds?20 year old
What role does Chilino play in Stell Wtich's team?good-natured mechanic
What is Illeheath's hobby?Collecting screws
What Aita not interested in?Drink tea and read newspaper
What Helena not good at?Calm down
Where did Jessis once patrol as a patrol officer?The Desert
Which side is Natasha's revolutionary vangaurd?North
Which resarch institute made Ariel?Shedd Research Institute
How tall is Amber?149cm
What is Shyaditty's cup size?A cup
Which part of the combined mech doest Blade control?Frame
Who has Leigh been trying to avenge?Her father
What food does Shmily prefer?Vegetarian meals
What will Sweety do if you upset her?Cry
What does Meimei hate?Stranger
What is Veronica's hobby?Collecting antiques
What pet does Esmeralda prefer?Cats
What is Xime's username?Fast Bunny
What name Eggy + Peggy?Aperi
What does Bathtory like to begin sentences with?In theory
How many times has Jasmine been married?6
What training did Nizzy do to become a flawless combatant?testing combat machines
What does Ada dislike?Studying
What is Coreleah's official position?Commander of the Northern Army
Who founded Black Ark?Zero
Where did the name ComiBoni originally come from?From a hamster and a goldfish

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