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Gargoyle Dragon Value

Gargoyle Dragon Value

Gargoyle Dragon Value

(N) Gem Value:💎6.5B

What is Gargoyle Dragon?

Gargoyle Dragon is an Exclusive rarity pet that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X. It was added in the Axolotl Update, and is a re-skin of both the Dragon and Demon pets.

How much is Gargoyle Dragon worth?

The current Gargoyle Dragon value is estimated to be around 6.5B diamonds.

How to get Gargoyle Dragon?

Gargoyle Dragon can be obtained for a limited amount of time by buying an Exclusive Pets Egg from the Exclusive Shop. It costs 800 Roblux for one, and 2400 for three.

Other pets included in the egg are:

  • Orca (50% hatch rate)
  • Fairy Queen (13% hatch rate)
  • Huge Gargoyle Dragon (2% hatch rate)

Gargoyle Dragon Hatch Rate

The hatch rate for Gargoyle Dragon is 13%.

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