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Hellish Axolotl Value

Hellish Axolotl Value

Hellish Axolotl Value

Dark Matter:💎10,000,000

What is Hellish Axolotl?

Hellish Axolotl is a Mythic rarity pet that can be obtained in Pet Simulator X. It is a re-skin of the original Axolotl pet.

It was added in the Axolotl Update and is currently considered to be the second strongest pet in the game.

How much is Hellish Axolotl worth?

The current Hellish Axolotl value is estimated to be around 10,000,000 diamonds for the Dark Matter version.

How to get Hellish Axolotl?

Astral Axolotl can be hatched from a Shiny Axolotl Egg. This egg can only be obtained by unlocking the Deep Axolotl Ocean.

The normal version of the egg currently costs 150,000 Rainbow Coins to purchase, while the Golden costs 1,350,000.

Other pets contained in the egg include:

Hellish Axolotl Hatch Rate

The base hatch rate for Hellish Axolotl is estimated to be around 0.00356%, while the boosted chance is 0.0175%.

Other Pets in Pet Simulator X

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Tuesday 3rd of May 2022