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How to get to Dog World in Pet Simulator X

Are you wondering how to get to Dog World in Pet Simulator X? We’ve got you covered! Read on to find out.

How to get to Dog World in Pet Simulator X

Dog world is a brand new zone added in the Pet Simulator X Dog World update.

It can be accessed via a portal that’s located in Limbo. You’ll only be able to use it if you’ve unlocked the Kawaii World.

If you’re eligible, simply click on the portal and you’ll be teleported to the new Dog World.

The new world features four new areas to explore:

  • Dog Park
  • Dog City
  • Dog Firehouse
  • Dog Mansion

And three new eggs to hatch:

  • Bone Egg
  • Collar Egg
  • Dog Egg

As well as many, many new pets to collect:

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Pet Simulator X is available to play for free on PC, Consoles, and Mobile via