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How To Summon Effectively In Tower of Fantasy

This guide contains all you need to know about simulacra and summoning in Tower of Fantasy. Read through to find out how to summon effectively in Tower of Fantasy.

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Tower of Fantasy is one of the newest addition to the gacha MMORPG genre. As in Genshin Impact, the gacha system is based mostly on luck. Regardless of whether you want to spend money on the game or not, knowing how this system works will guarantee that you get the best loot early on.

In short, there are 2 types of banners in the game. Each has slightly varying mechanics and rewards. You will want to know how each banner works in depth. Knowing the value of the currency will allow you to better manage your purchases.

What Is Summoning?

How To Summon Effectively In Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a game in which you have to try your luck to score a strong weapon. This happens on the summoning screen, where you spend your hard-earned currency to spin a wheel in a non-literal sense. Whatever the AI decides on, will be your final reward. 

An addictive system such as this, in which you have to try multiple times to win a certain loot has led many players to spend excessively on these rolls. Hence it’s best if you use this system in moderation.

What Are Simulacras

How To Summon Effectively In Tower of Fantasy

As you can imagine, Simulacras are the highest category loot obtainable by summoning. Essentially, these are characters that are unlocked along with their specific weapon. 

The best thing is that these special weapons are interchangeable. You can equip the one that strikes your fancy on your favorite character. However, as every special weapon is exclusive to a specific character, you will have to win its simulacrum to obtain it.

Choice Weapon

How To Summon Effectively In Tower of Fantasy

We will be talking about the different rolling screens in terms of banners. Choice Weapon is the first banner you will unlock. It has two variants in it, which we will be talking about separately.

First Variant

This is the base variant; the screen that is shown when you select the Choice Weapons banner. As you can see on the order button, the currency required for this gacha is Gold Nucleus.

Gold Nucleus are fairly hard to come by. To obtain these, you need to complete special orders. But worry not, because the developers have added a silver lining to this game of luck.

The pity system, which is exactly what its name implies, takes mercy on the hard-working gamer. With this in place, you are guaranteed to pull an SR at every 10 rolls. On top of that, after every 80 pulls, you will secure an SSR, no questions asked. This is assured, regardless of whether you won an SSR on any of the previous 79 attempts or not.

Without taking the pity system into play, the probabilities of winning are as follows:

  • SR: Base chance of 1% but it can go up to 12%.
  • SSR: Base chance of 0.25%, which goes up by 2% after every roll.

You may wonder what will happen if you roll a weapon you already have. The duplicate weapon will simply be added to your inventory and will allow you to unlock an advancement for that weapon.

Second variant

If you select the black nuclei cache on the first variant screen, you will be taken to the second variant. This page is the same as the first variant, save for a few differences.

To roll on this variant, you need to pay using Black Nucleus. Since Black Nucleus are readily available in the world of Aida, the pity system is disabled. Instead, your rewards will entirely depend on how lucky you are, with no guaranteed SR or SSR.

However, the base chances have been slightly bumped up to:

  • SR: 3% for every roll
  • SSR: 0.3% chance per roll

You will be glad to know that the system for duplicates is the same as the first variant.

Limited Banner

How To Summon Effectively In Tower of Fantasy

As you may have guessed, rolling in a limited banner has a chance to win you an exclusive weapon. This weapon is not available in any other banner except for this. Consequently, the prices per roll are also excessively high.

The currency for the Limited Banner is Red Nucleus, which is the rarest of all nuclei. These are extremely difficult to find in the open world. You can buy them using Dark Crystals, which can also be used to buy any nucleus you want. Conversely, Red Nucleus will be given to you if you buy the higher version of the game’s battle pass.


The Gacha system is very popular in MMORPG games these days. This requires you to know its mechanics for you to fully benefit from it. 

Today’s article provided you with the basic knowledge of how the Summoning system works for Tower of Fantasy. It also discussed the currencies needed to roll in each banner and how to obtain them. Thank you for reading.

Tower of Fantasy can be downloaded for free on PC from the official ToF website