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Huge Storm Dominus Value

Welcome to our price list for Huge Storm Dominus! Looking for the up-to-date Huge Storm Dominus value? Check out the latest prices below. We will keep this page updated daily, so always make sure to check it before you make a trade!

Huge Storm Dominus Value

Huge Storm Dominus Value

(N) Pet Value:💎500,000,000,000
(N) Gem Value:💎55,000,000,000
(N) Demand: 6/10
(G) Pet Value:💎N/A
(G) Gem Value💎N/A
(G) Demand 6/10
(RB) Pet Value:💎5,750,000,000,000
(RB) Gem Value:💎275,000,000,000
(RB) Demand: 8/10

What is Huge Storm Dominus?

Huge Storm Dominus is an Exclusive rarity pet that might be obtained in Pet Simulator X. It was added during the Comet Update as an Exclusive Egg pet.

How much is Huge Storm Dominus worth in Pet Sim X?

The current Huge Storm Dominus value is estimated to be around 500,000,000,000 diamonds for the normal version when traded for other pets. However, as the pet is fairly new, we expect the price to fluctuate a lot.

How to get Huge Storm Dominus?

Huge Storm Dominus can be obtained from an Exclusive Egg 10 (Dominus). This can be purchased from the Exclusive Store for 400 Robux each. Buying three eggs will cost 1,200 Robux, and buying ten will provide a discounted price of 3,200 Robux.

Exclusive Egg 10 (Dominus Egg) Pets

These pets are included in the Dominus Egg.

What is Pet & Gem Value?

There are two main values for pets. Pet Value and Gem Value.

  • Pet Value is the default used here and is the total amount of diamonds the pet would be worth when trading other pets for it.
  • Gem Value is what the pet would be worth if only diamonds (gems) were traded for it.

What are the different pet rarities?

  • (N) = Normal
  • (G) = Golden
  • (R) = Rainbow
  • (DM) = Dark Matter
  • (S) = Shiny

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